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Monday, 1 December 2014

My Product Tests - Yankee Candle Apple Spice

First of all HAPPY DECEMBER readers! The first day of Blogmas is here and the first of my marathon of posts! My Blogmas will be a mix of he normal Harmony Blaze posts that you have come to expect with the odd bit of Christmas sparkle thrown in. I always have candles and diffusers around the home, more often than not from Yankee Candle as there is a great shop in Halifax that specialises in them. I adore most of their scents but in particular their Winter offerings so I couldn't wait to open this one...

Ordinarily I go for the standard Yankee Candle offering and I'm not 100% sure whether or not I have tried the Simply Home range before or not. The wax tart that you can see here has approx. an 8 hour burn time (£1.49) and the reeds should last around 8 weeks (£12), so I think they definitely offer good value for money.

As well as making the house look Christmassy, I like to make it smell Christmassy too.

This apple spice potpourri scent from the Simply Home range (designed to complement the modern home for less than the standard Yankee collection) has hints of cinnamon and nutmeg that remind me of Christmas markets as well apples and oranges that smell so homely and comforting. I've put these in my kitchen and I love coming home and feeling instantly relaxed.

I have a few more wax tarts to try out before Christmas and can feel a Yankee haul coming on next time I visit town!

What's your siganture room scent?


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