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Wednesday, 25 February 2015

My New Blogging Haven

Well my study has never been much of a study if I'm honest - until last night it was actually just the room where my ironing board (with which I'm not really that well acquainted with) and ironing pile lived. But that's all changed now...

Now I must say that a few of the bits above were already in the room such as the Ikea Kallax unit (£20), the canvas and a few of the knick-knacks that I had acquired over the years. 

But this room needed a little love. We were lucky enough to have the chair bed loaned to us by a family member but again this is from Ikea. I simply added a throw and a couple of cushions that I picked up from Poundstretcher for under £20 and a cute little teddy that I found in a storage box whilst tidying the room out.

We'd already painted the wall in here a few months ago and although not as punchy a colour as we had hoped, I do like the turquoise colour so I tried to continue this through the room. The blind matches in quite well and was almost an impulse purchase as it wasn't what we went to The Range for, but ended up being our sole purchase and was just £14.

Finally my new accessories. I love garden centres for picking up those little bits that finish a room off and they don't tend to be that expensive either. The final additions were picked up from Newbank Garden Centre just outside Halifax and cost just over £20 altogether. I only went in for a black candle as the pink one I had in there stood out like a sore thumb, but I spotted the 'Find Your Passion' tealight holder and fell in love with it. I then added the fake plant, wax burner, the 'Do What You Love' candle holder to my basket before wandering over to the Yankee Candle section for a Black Coconut wax tart and votive. Last but not least I spotted the cute little love heart votive holder and then I dragged myself to the till before I could pick up anything else.

I love this room now, not only does it smell amazing (thanks Yankee Candle!) but it is really inviting, cosy and relaxing to work in. But best of all it was a complete bargain to put together.

Have you been doing any homestyling recently? Let me know below and I'll catch you again soon, until then though x

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