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Sunday, 10 January 2016

The Detox Files - Part 1 - Body

Welcome to 'The Detox Files' a three part series I am running this January to help you get the most out of that New Year, New You motivation that is (I hope) still running through your veins, making you pound the pavements in order to sweat every ounce of Turkey out and avoid coffee in the hope of becoming less of an afternoon grouch

... Today in part one we're talking all about the body. Not only are our jeans feeling a little bit tighter after Christmas, our skin is no longer looking its best and let's not get started on our hair! There are plenty of products on the market at the moment that claim they will help you to get the figure you have always dreamed of and whilst some of them will give you and your body a kick start, you will never achieve the body of a Victoria's Secret model (or anything near) without a lot of hard work and commitment.

However, I have used a few supplements in the past which I do think have helped and today I wanted to take you through those as well as a few old faithful, natural ways to cleanse your body after the Christmas craziness.

BOOTEA - Bootea is one of the few health supplements that I honestly swear by and use on a regular basis. A massive tea drinker, I was drawn to Bootea as I thought it may help me to combat bloating and help 'reset' my digestive system too. As you know, I suffer with my stomach quite a bit thanks to a number of intolerances and not only does Bootea not aggravate things, it actually helps to settle things down after an episode too. Now I'm not saying it will do this for everyone out there, but aside from this their herbal blends will help cleanse your body from the inside and remove all those toxins that have built up over party season.

HUM - HUM Nutritions Flawless & Fearless supplement is perfect for those out there that are suffering with their skin tone this Wintertime. HUM again use a blend of natural ingredients that are designed to help reduce inflammation (Omega 3), Detox (Green Algae, Dandelion Root) and Cleanse (Kelp, Red Clover) the skin from the inside out. It's no lie that what we put into our bodies has a massive effect on our appearance and the science behind HUM is that everything in these two capsules and softgels is proven to help improve skin tone.

GYMVIT - GymVit's philosophy behind their 'Deluxe Detox' is that detoxing is about so much more than losing weight, something that I massively agree with. Many of us forget that our bodies are specifically designed to detoxify themselves every minute of every day, However, our daily diets of over processed and chemical filled foods can over time damage slow down this natural process thanks to a buildup of toxins that we cannot break down and need a little helping hand to get rid of. When this happens we tend to start feeling heavier, lethargic and generally crappy. One thing I noticed with these is that they are so easy to implement into your diet and they're bursting with Amino Acids and Antioxidants so not only will your body be cleaner it will be stronger too.

There are many products on the market which claim that they will help you drop pounds instantly, when in reality the only pounds you will lose are those in your pocket. Don't expect miracles with any of the products above, the only way they work is when combined with a healthy diet and exercise. So if you choose to detox your body this January, stock your fridge with belly busting ingredients such as Asparagus, drink plenty of water and avoid processed foods and caffeine. As long as you do this and start moving your body a bit more (even just 20 minutes a day of moderate cardio) will be enough to get you back on track and feeling better.

What are your favourite detoxing products and tricks? Let me know below and I'll catch up with you again soon, until then though x

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