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Monday, 8 February 2016

My Slendertox Tea Trial

I love tea. I don't know if it is the 'North' in me, but I like nothing better than to start the day with a fresh brew and perspective on life. As much as I adore a good cup of Yorkshire Tea, my favourite has got to be Green Tea - it literally powers me...

...So when the good people at Slendertox offered to send me one of their teatoxes (a detoxing combination of ingredients cutely bundled up in little, crafted, pyramid bags) I jumped at the chance. I've tried teatoxes before out of curiosity to see if they actually worked and enjoyed them (you can read about my Bootea experience here) so I was excited to see what Slendertox could do for me.

I tried having a nose around on the internet and could find many a good testimonial on the 14 day teatox but couldn't find any before and after images. So as soon as I received mine, stocked up the fridge with plenty of clean foods and readied myself for 2 weeks of being strict with myself, I made sure I took some photo's to show what progress I made.

The Daytox is designed to help you get rid of all of that bloating that many of us tend to carry around with us and uses ingredients such as Nettle and Dandelion leaves to achieve this. It also aims to energise and focus you on the task in hand and Green Tea and Hawthorn Berry are two perfect ingredients to use for this.

I didn't have the Daytox as soon as I got up, I can't handle a hot drink first thing and prefer to start the day with a nice cold glass of water whilst I ready myself for work, instead I would make mine as soon as I got to work and enjoy it whilst I set myself up for the day. The daytime tea tastes gorgeous, just like a very strong Green Tea that you would get in a nice little tea shop. A taste I think many other teatoxes are missing. I'm fairly confident this is where a lot of my results have come from as from the images at the bottom of this post you can see that I have managed to de-bloat my stomach over the past 2 weeks, it's much flatter and feels healthier too. However, I cannot say for certain that this is all down to the tea because I have improved my diet tenfold too, I'd definitely say it has helped though.

The Sleeptox seems to be aimed more at your digestive system, helping to prevent the absorption of fat and cleansing the colon along with helping your body to relax and sleep more easily. At first I didn't like the taste of this one, I found it a bit too fruity and I'm not really a fruity tea person. However, I soon got used it and actually enjoyed my evening brews before bed. Thankfully I seemed to escape the 'hideous' laxative effect I seen so much about online and for me the main positive that seemingly came from the Sleeptox teas was that I got a much better night's sleep. I suffer from a little anxiety and often struggle to sleep when I'm home alone. However, over the past two weeks I've had no issues which I'd like to think is thanks to my bi-nightly cups of tea.

Over the past 2 weeks I've trained at least 5 times a week, maintaining my mix of HIIT & Strength Training using the Fitness Fondue plan and I've eaten really well thanks to my new found crush on The Body Coach and I've managed to lose 1.9kg (4lbs). I've also monitored how my body has changed in other ways too, but I must say I haven't seen any notable loss of inches which is why I feel that what this two week teatox has offered me is the opportunity to shift that excess water I don't need, a little bit of motivation and boat load of focus.

I wouldn't rely on a teatox to get me in shape, to achieve that you need to be eating a healthy and balanced diet and working hard in the gym. But I would happily do another just before a holiday or a big event to get rid of that last little bit if I felt the need.  

Have you tried a teatox before? Are you a fan?

Let me know below and I will catch up with you again soon, until then though x

(Before = Right, Left = After)

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