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Thursday, 17 March 2016

Loco About Coconut Lane

I'm all for supporting small businesses, sifting through the latest sites online to find the best value, newest ideas and more unique products. So when I heard about Coconut Lane, I just couldn't wait to check them out...

...Coconut Lane is (just as one of their wall prints perfectly puts it) classy, sassy and little bit bad-assy. Launching in late 2015, they're also still all sparkly and new and the perfect place to pick up something a little more quirky and distinctive.

When it came to my first visit to Coconut Lane, there were a number of items that instantly stood out to me;

The 4 Ps Wall Art (Framed) | £14.50 | It was almost as if this print was made just for me as it describes my perfect Friday night in! I've already picked this up and it now has pride of place on one of my windowsills. 

Marble Case | £13.00 | So the day before I logged on to Coconut Lane my beloved iPhone decided to try and fly, which of course didn't end well (although it could have been much worse) and so I decided to invest in a new phone case too. This marble beauty is so on trend and is available for both iPhones (old & new) and the Samsung Galaxy S6.

Infinity Bracelet | £8.00 | The jewellery selection on Coconut Lane is amazing and there are so many cute and amazing little pieces on there, however, the infinity bracelet is one of my favourites and I love the combination of materials and colours available. I'll take all three please!

Flamingo Socks | £5.00 | I very rarely wear socks in the warmer months, unless I am in the gym that is. However, with the resurgence of the leisure trainer (yes Adidas I'm looking at you) I might just need a couple of pairs this year! Although the Unicorn ones are my favourite, I'm too late to the party for these and the Flamingo ones may be second choice, but they're just as cute!

Greeting Cards & Stickers | From £2.70 | We all know that 'Birthday Cake Calories Don't Count' but now you can give your nearest and dearest a card that declares it in writing and fill it with unicorn stickers to brighten up their world!

Sunglasses | £11.50 | Summer is on it's way, hip hip hip hooray! I for one can't wait to feel the warmth of the sun on my skin, listen to waves kissing the beach and sip on cocktails as the sun sets on the horizon and I am inseparable from my sunglasses. These bargain beauties are perfect for popping in your beach bag without the worry that comes with taking your favourite designer pair.

Coconut Lane has something for everyone, from a card to let your bestie know they're in your thoughts during the hardest times, to Bieber socks for the Belieber's in your life and they've very kindly given me 20% off to share with you all too! So pop your favourites in a basket and use HarmonyBlaze20 at the checkout to get your discount, simples!

Are you a Coconut Queen?

Let me know below and I'll catch up with you again soon, until then though x

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