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Written Content

Firstly all written content, any opinions & views vented on HarmonyBlaze are those of myself, Emma Harrison, unless credited otherwise. All guest features will be highlighted as such & the contact details for the guest writer will be featured as part of their article. All content on HarmonyBlaze is aimed to inform the reader OBJECTIVELY & WITHOUT PREJUDICE or BIAS. 

The aim of HarmonyBlaze is to INSPIRE others to fight the fear & try out new products & experiences for themselves. It is not my nature to knowingly offend or insult anybody.

As part of our human rights we are all entitled to have opinions; all reviews, whether featured on blogs or in magazines are fuelled by opinions, these are mine. Part of the HarmonyBlaze ethos is to be RELIABLE, HONEST & TRUSTWORTHY, therefore I will never feature any content that I do not feel is true to this ethos. In the same way I will not just disregard a product because I do not like it, I will be CONSTRUCTIVE with any criticism & invite conversation.


Please note that some links featured on HarmonyBlaze may be affiliated. 

Where a product or service has been provided for the purpose of review this will always be mentioned within the post and links to the company provided at the end.
Design & Photography

All imagery included within posts has been created by myself, Emma Harrison, to enhance the posts worth unless credit has been indicated elsewhere (official imagery may occasionally be used where appropriate & will always be credited to the brand). Please do not use any design elements or imagery without crediting & linking the original. 

All design elements featured have been created using free of charge tools sourced from the internet, if you would like to know where individual elements have been sourced from please feel free to contact me at the email account below.


I will always ensure that any external sources are credited, both in name and with a link back, however, in cases of discrepancies or where you feel that your intellectual property rights may have been infringed by a post or element on this site please email me & I will ensure that I respond as soon as possible to discuss.
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