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Friday, 11 December 2015

Gift Guide Vol. 2 - Secret Santa

It's the present that we all probably dread buying, the Secret Santa gift! I've been on the receiving end of some pretty awful ones (baubles) and some pretty damn awesome ones (like the Next frame I got last year, thanks Becky!), but what's out there this year?

As a rule when it comes to Secret Santa gifts I've learned over the years that if it's cute or scented the women in the office will love it and the men will like anything that is either funny or useful or alcohol...

Scented Saviour 1 - Festive Spice Reed Diffuser, Next - £6.50 - Because let's face it, who doesn't want to feel as though they're walking into some boutique hotel every time they open their front door? Next's Festive Spice brings together seasonal spices and fruits for a truly festive scent, plus there's a matching 3 wick candle if you're feeling generous!

Winter Warmer - Christmas Unicorn Hot Water Bottle & Sock Set, Asos - £9.50 - I think every office has that one person who is always cold and this would make the perfect Secret Santa for them. I love the knitted unicorn design and the cute fluffy sock combo, snuggle heaven!

Snack Storer - Cookie Monster Cookie Tin, MenKind - £9.99 - If you want to use pretty much every penny of your £10 budget this Christmas then this is the gift for you. Everyone loves cookies and everyone loves the Cookie Monster so this is the perfect gift for your office's very own Cookie Monster.

Metro Male - The Quick Groomer Gift Set, FeelUnique - £8.99 - Ok so this one could go down one of two ways, they will either love it or take offense that you feel they need it (whilst secretly loving it).  L'Oreal Men Expert do some great gift packs at this time of year and the products not only work, they also smell fantastic too.

Scented Saviour 2 - Christmas Five Votive Giftset, Yankee Candle -  £8.99 - Christmas isn't Christmas without a little Yankee Candle and this set is amazing, with cute little votive samplers of this seasons offerings (including the super fruity Berry Trifle and the ginger spiced Cosy by the Fire) this little box set is sure to go down a storm.

This year there seems to be more options than ever when it comes to Secret Santa gifts, no longer does it need to be a Boots 3-for-2 freebie or a simple supermarket gift, Secret Santa sections are now popping up on many websites too.

Let me know what Santa get's you this year and I'll catch up with you again soon, until then though x

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