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Saturday, 30 January 2016

Aqua Sana Spa Experience

What’s the perfect way to round off a beautiful weekend of relaxation and unwinding in the wilderness of Whinfell Forest? For me it’s to head into the onsite Aqua Sana Spa and try out their Elemis Brighten & Glow treatment out...

...On our last morning at Center Parcs, after eating the breakfast of champions (dippy eggs) and loading up the car for the journey home, I headed back over to Aqua Sana for a little more pampering. Aqua Sana is a tranquil haven on the village, you leave all the hustle and bustle of the village as you walk through the door and immediately feel a little more relaxed.
Once I had checked in for my treatment I picked up a robe and headed through to change. The Elemis Brighten & Glow is a treatment for both the face and the body and so I donned my favourite Oakley Bikini and wrapped my robe around me before heading through to the Treatment Lounge. The changing rooms themselves are spacious and neutral, with plenty of space to sit and do your makeup afterwards and change without feeling too claustrophobic. Whilst the Treatment Lounge is similarly decorated in neutral tones, with modern, minimalist furniture filling the spaces and a large table in centre that holds all of the medical questionnaires.

A standard part of any treatment these days, the medical questionnaire simply ensures your suitability to the treatment and ensures that both you and the spa is covered in case of sensitivity reactions. My therapist, Gemma, then came into the lounge to meet me and take me through to my suite. The treatment suites themselves are dimly lit and cosy, a big fluffy blanket awaited me on the bed and after talking through the treatment I was left to make myself comfortable, face down, on the bed.

The first stage of the Brighten & Glow process was a gentle body brushing on the backs of my legs, by shoulders, back and arms to prepare my skin, followed by a hot stone massage with warm Frangipani Oil to help reduce muscle tension and unwind (I apparently have very tense shoulders). I even learnt a few new techniques and muscle stretches that I can try out at home too.

Once every inch of my back, shoulders, arms and the back of my legs had been massaged, it was time for my facial using some wonderful Elemis products to help rehydrate, replenish and rebalance my skin including the amazing Lavender Mask (which I might need to get my hands on). When I finally reopened my eyes my skin felt so clean and clear it was unbelievable, it literally felt as though every pore on my face had been individually cleansed and reopened.

I was given a few moments to come round before being shown through to the relaxation suite where I spend a bit of time sipping on a glass of water, reading Red and staring out at the snowy gardens, I felt so relaxed I didn’t want to get dressed and leave, but I knew I needed to and the lure of a Peppermint Tea at Starbucks was just too strong to resist (as were the Elemis products).

I would have loved to have headed back to The Pancake House and finish off our time at Center Parcs in the same we started but it was just too busy and time was ticking away. Instead we headed to Cafe Rouge (after a 18 holes on the Adventure Golf) for a sandwich instead before hitting the road.

I would highly recommend the Aqua Sana spas if you get the opportunity to visit them, they are relaxing, modern and best of all reasonably priced. The ‘World of Spa’ experiences are the perfect way to start your break, helping you to wind down and get the most from your time away.

I know I will certainly be visiting again when I visit their Sherwood Forest Village in April, Spa & Dine anyone?

What are your favourite spa treatments?

Let me know below and I'll catch up with you again soon, until then though x

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