25 Facts About Me

It recently dawned on me that really, my readers (I do have more than one you know) probably know very little about me as a person and I recently watched Ellie from The Elle Next Door do the 25 Facts About Me tag on her vlog which I thought I would give a go on here as well…

1. I’m 31 and a real 90s child – I danced the Macarena, roller bladed, worshipped Mark Owen & knew the Fresh Prince theme tune word for word.

2. I grew up in South Leeds, just 2 streets away from my boyfriend. We met for the first time 19 years later!

3. Until leaving High School I played in defense for Leeds Ladies.

4. I love dogs and from about the age of 9 or 10 there was always one at home, my first was called Sooty and my second was Scampi…

5. I loved Sooty & Co as a child!

6. I moved to Halifax in 2011 to live with Paul and we are moving to Newcastle this summer, I can’t wait!

7. I’m an only child.

8. I’ve worked in Sales since leaving university, however, it is never what I wanted to do growing up…

9. At Primary School I wanted to be a Vet, at High School & Sixth Form I wanted to be a Journalist or Writer and at University I dreamed of being an Event Planner. I currently sell concrete products which is a long way from any of the above but believe it or not it’s interesting and keeps me interested. 

10. I graduated Leeds Met as a Batchelor of Science with Honors… I studied Sports Event Management and not anything scientific!

11. I passed my driving test first time (which I am so proud of) despite being convinced I’d failed before even leaving the test centre!

12. My standard Starbucks order is an Iced Soya Milk Caramel Machiatto & my favourite Krispy Kreme is their Lemon Meringue one!

13. The reason I order Soya Milk coffee’s is because, like hedgehogs & Leonard from The Big Bang Theory, I am Lactose intolerant. But I am the worlds worst Lactose intollerence sufferer. I just like cheese too much, milk I don’t miss. At all. I am also so sensitive to Wheat & Gluten, both cause me to bloat, cramp & trigger my eczema. I’m a hoot to dineout with I promise!

14. I never got the good parts in the school plays and most frequently ended up being the Innkeeper’s wife or a star or something.

15. I have been dying my hair since I was 16 and in all honesty, I’m no longer sure what my natural hair colour is! My favourite colour has to be the pillar box red I had a few years ago when I went to Marrakech, my least favourite would be the cosmic blue that I tried out for my high school prom!

16. I was never a girly girl growing up and would much rather have been kicking a football around than playing with makeup.

17. The teaching assistant at my primary school was Mrs Moyles, yes the infamous mother of the saviour of Radio One Chris. She was the best thing about school!

18. Although I am not a massive bookworm, my go to auther is Sophie Kinsella and in particular the Shopaholic books.

19. I hate water. No not the drink but the element. I am far from being a strong swimmer, cannot stand water on my face and hate going in the sea because I can’t see what is in there with me!

20. I adore action films! If there’s a fast car, a fight scene or a superhero in it I am more than likely going to like it. Except for Daredevil, Ben Affleck is in it and I don’t like him. 

21. Most evenings are spent, at the moment, in the company of Wentworth Miller as I am making my way through Prison Break again. Desperate Housewives is next and House is never far away!

22. I actually do enjoy exercising – no matter how much of a chore it feels at 5pm on an afternoon when coming home & eating pizza in my PJs seems a much nicer option.

23. I burn easily and often end up looking like a lobster when I am in the sun. I never learn.

24. I am only about 5ft 2ish!

25. I started blogging for a hobby, something that I could build for myself and do for a bit of distraction from day-to-day life. But it is so much more already. It is part of who I am now and through blogging I have learned so much. I can now code, I have managed to get my IBS symptoms under control & learned how to become happier and more confident in my own capabilities. I haave made some great friends through the blogging communtiy who have been so supportive, I won’t name names and I hope you know who you are!

Phew so there you have it, I hope you feel like you maybe know me a little better now? Let me know something about you below, I’d love to hear from you all! I’ll see you Saturday for a new post, until then though x

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