33 Things to Do or See Aged 33

Today marks the end of my thirty third year on this little planet we call home and whilst I have spent it having fun and doing something that I’ve always wanted to do and that I enjoy, there are a lot of things that I still want to do.

This is why I’ve devised a list of ’33 Things to Do or See Aged 33′, a bucket list for the year ahead if you will. You may have noticed that this year I didn’t publish a standard ‘2017 Goals’ post, which whilst I wonder if not doing that makes me a bad blogger, would have featured a few of the things in this list.

So before I get into the list itself here are my basic 2017 Goals…

LIFE | To visit new places, meet new faces & learn new things.

FITNESS | To become fitter, faster & stronger.

BLOG | To grow my following, to engage more & become more consistent.

And now that you know my goals hopefully the below will make a little more sense because each of the things I want to see or do in 2017 will help me achieve one or more of my goals… maybe!

3 People to Meet – This year I’d love meet some of the wonderful people blogging has brought into my life in particularly Hayley (Frock Me I’m Famous), Ellie (The Elle Next Door) and Bee (Queen Beady) who have been so supportive over the past year and always have a minute.

3 Things to Learn – I’ve developed a passion for Nutrition over the past 12 months or so and this year I really want to learn more about Nutrition & Weight Loss Management so that I can talk about the subject more be able to help others to help themselves too. I’d also like to learn a new hobby and I don’t really know why but I’ve picked Knitting out as something I think I’d quite like! Finally this year I want to lear how to do an unassisted pull up, because strong is sexy right?

3 Places I’d Like to Visit – This year I want to see more of the world that is literally on my doorstep and in particular, Europe. This year I’d like to go on more short breaks to the continent and visit cities such as Amsterdam, Copenhagen and Rome. 

3 Things I’d Like to Improve – I’d love to become a more consistent & relatable blogger, but I guess I can only really have an effect on one of those things. I’d like to improve my timekeeping instead of running late for everything and I would also really like to improve my core strength because that is something I have never really had.

3 People I’d Like to Train with –  I would absolutely love to train properly with some of the ladies that have had a huge effect on my motivation to improve & succeed over the last twelve months and therefore this year I would like to do a Barrecore session with the wonderful Em (Em Talks), practice Yoga with the amazing Cat (Imperfect Matter) and get lifting with the uber fittie that is Carly (Carly Rowena).

3 Things to Do – This year I want to see more of the world we live in; to spend more time ‘off the grid’ exploring, to see new places and learn about new cultures.

3 People to See More – 2017 is the year I am going to see more of people. Yes I live with Paul but that doesn’t mean that I ‘see’ him and therefore this year I am going to take him on a good old fashioned ‘date-night’ once a month where we spend some decent time together. I’m going to make more time for friends and prioritise them a little more over going to the gym or spending the night working if I don’t really need to and also make a little more time for family too.

3 Things to Achieve – As I mentioned at the start this year I want to become fitter, faster and stronger and as part of this I want to be able to go on a long walk and not feel as though I’m going to pass out at some point, to complete a Half Marathon in under 2hrs 59mins (my previous time) and to be able leg press my own body weight by the end of the year.

3 Places to Stay – One place that I absolutely adore is Cameron House on the shores of Loch Lomond and I would to stay there again this year as it is a truly magical place to go and staying in Scotland I would love to go and stay at the Sheraton in Edinburgh too this year as it somewhere we looked at last year. Finally I would also really like to go back to Porto because I feel like the city has so much left for us to see and do there. 

3 Things to Try – This has been the hardest one to write because in all honesty I am not afraid to try new things so I’ve opted for no physical things to try instead and therefore this year I would like to try and walk more, read more and get up earlier instead of hitting the snooze button 6 times first!

What are your goals and targets for 2017? Let me know below and I’ll catch up with you again soon, until then though x


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