A Bucket List

If you think you have seen this somewhere already, you probably have, these lists are all over the internet at the moment but who doesn’t love a good list hey? Especially one that makes you answerable to your readers and enables them to give you a butt kicking when you’re next being a Nervy Nancy about life.

Last week I was scrolling through my Twitter feed and stumbled upon the absolute babe that is Queen Beady (make sure you check her out if you haven’t already) sharing another users Tweet that simply said;

“Realising that when its #Tokyo2020 I’ll be 30”

Suddenly it hit me, by the time the next Olympic Games come around I’ll be closer to 40 than 30 and that really was a holy crap Batman moment.

After calming myself down I started to think about all of the things that I haven’t done with my life and well I guess that in turn led me to put this post out there.

This is by no means a comprehensive list of everything, just a few things that I am going to work on to get started with…

Personal Development | I was (and still am to an extent) so proud of myself when I graduated University, I never felt pressured to be academic when I was younger and that fueled my desire to succeed. However, looking back I am fairly certain I could have done better, achieved more and that is why I want to go back to studying. I’ve decided that I am going to do my Masters and all I need to do now is fill in my application and see what happens.

Travel the World | This is something that I have always dreamed of doing, simply because there is more to the world than the green grass and rolling hills of Calderdale. But traveling doesn’t need to main visiting just far away places, I want to see more of this island we call home as well as places such as Dubai, New York and the rest of Europe.

Experience Full Throttle | It’s no secret that I am a little bit of a petrolhead at heart and back in the good ol’ days when I had my dinky 1.1 litre Citroen I would often pretend that I was in a warp speed hypercar instead. In reality that car struggled to do 70mph but I would love to go on a track day and be able to really put my foot down in something a little bit sexy!

Seize the Day | This is something that I think many of us don’t really do enough of, I honestly cannot remember the last time I woke up to a particularly nice day, jumped out of bed and spontaneously headed out for the day with nothing more than the money in my purse. I want to seize the day more in the future and I think you should too.

Live ‘The Cosy Life’ | I’m going to sound like a total 2016 cliche blogger here but man alive Hygge is the future. In a time where we spend more and more of ourselves online, constantly under the microscope and unable to get away from negativity. I want to start spending more quality time with Paul, social media free and away from the pressures of everyday life. Time where we don’t talk about work or money and just talk endlessly about nothing in particualr. I want to spend more time huddled together on the sofa, creating duvet forts and enjoying the weekends. I know that Hygge is about so much more, but we all have to start somewhere and this for me is the perfect place to.

As I said this is a bucket list of sorts, it’s not your standard ‘I want to see the sunrise/ go stargazing/ own a Lambourghini’ type of list. But one that holds so much more meaning and motivation instead.

What is on your list? Let me know below and I’ll catch up with you again soon, until then though x


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