A Day in My Life

I’ve noticed a few of these ‘a day in my life’ types posts recently and I have been working on this for a while now (I couldn’t decided on the layout, the content, anything really) so I thought i was time to put it out there! I’m only a part-time blogger, if that exists, so it might not be as interesting as others but this is me…

6.00am – Time to rise & shine! On a weekday I get up at six and jump on the bike for 20minutes for a bit of fasted cardio and watch BBC Breakfast News, whilst I get the blood pumping around my body.

7.15am – After freshening up, doing my hair, putting my face on & throwing an outfit together, I head out the door with a cup of Green Tea and head to the bus stop to start my journey to work (I got rid of my car last year and believe it or not I actually don’t mind the bus that much). Once on the bus I check my social feeds, emails & post up any #OOTD pictures I’ve taken.

8.15am – Two Buses & a short walk later I’m at my desk ready to start the day, so after firing up my PC and logging into my phone I open my emails & get to work. I always make my breakfast at home & take it in with me. Most days I opt for overnight oats for which I use the recipe on the Deliciously Ella app.

12.00pm – After a few more cups of Green Tea, a couple of glasses of water, my oats and a boatload of sales calls & emails it’s time to take a break. So long as it isn’t raining I head out of the office for a stroll to clear my head and grab some fresh air. Luckily my office has the Calder and Hebble Navigation Canal running behind it and the River Calder in front meaning I have a nice route I can take.

12.30pm – It’s time for something to eat, lunch times in the office tend to be quite quiet and so after my walk I sit down and munch my way through whatever I’ve taken with me. Usually lunch consists of a salad of some type with Coconut water and then some fruit and a healthy bar for mid-afternoon.

5.00pm – As the clock strikes five it is time to power down and head to the gym. So after another short walk to the bus stop and a quick journey back to town it’s time to get changed and work off some of that steam I’ve built up during work!

7.30pm – Home time at last, I usually end up getting home about seven thirty and get started on tea, recently I’ve cut out gluten from my diet and I’m really feeling the benefits of it so most nights consist of veggies, some lean meat or fish and quite frequently some Sweet Potato!

9.30pm – Tea is done & after watching an episode of Prison Break and a few Twitter chats, I load the dishwasher, prepare my oats and head up to bed. I like to be prepared for the day ahead so I get my bag prepared and shower.

11.00pm – Lights out. Once showered I settle down for a while with my iPad, read a few blogs, catch up on my social and watch a little TV before settling down. I try to prepare most of my content at the weekend so I’m free to socialise through the week and concentrate on my day job. I don’t always manage it but most of the time it works.

So there you have it. That’s me. I hope you enjoyed a little insight into my day-to-day life and I’ll see you again soon, until then though x

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