A Decade of Happiness

I wanted to post something a little bit different today, something that in all honesty might not interest many of you but something that I wanted to put out there because I want to remember it. You see this month (tomorrow to be precise) Paul & I have been together 10 years and to me that is something really special!

I never thought that taking a job a local hotel would end up in me meeting my soulmate, but it did.

I used to think that soulmate was a strong term, an archaic ideal that most people chased but ultimately never found. 

Even as a fresh faced 22 year old I had given up on finding my Mr Right in the hope that my Mr Right-Now would come along instead. Yet it turned out my Mr Right was there all along.

Ten years later and I have seen more of the world with Paul than I have without him. We’ve been to Turkey, the Seychelles, Morocco, Cyprus, France, Italy, Gran Canaria & Portugal together, we’ve explored various corners of the UK, learnt how to snowboard (albeit badly in my case) and grown up together.

We’ve laughed until we’ve cried, made our faces ache from smiling and maybe occasionally drove each other insane.

But ultimately we have made so many memories, shared so much happiness and had a bloody good laugh along the way.

I’m so happy I stopped looking for my soulmate, because it turned out he was there all along. I just couldn’t see it.


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