About Me

Hello there! I’m Emma and at the time of penning this little autobiographical blurb (that’s what they call it right?), I’m a thirty-something blogger based in West Yorkshire with a massive ASOS addiction and a love of lycra and adventure.

Emma aka Harmony Blaze relaxing reading a book. She is wearing a beige 'choose love' sweater, black cycling shorts and white converse

In all honesty, beyond that there isn’t much to know but it would be a pretty short ‘about me’ page if I didn’t go on wouldn’t it?

So what else can I tell you about me? I much prefer nights in to nights out, I’m a real family gal and I’m a huge softie…no you cried watching How to Train Your Dragon! I’ve been blogging for over 5 years (on and off) and set up HarmonyBlaze back in October 2014 as an outlet for my thoughts and feelings on life, love and everything in between.

Although HarmonyBlaze may have purely started off as a pseudonym that gave me the confidence to open up online, it has now become a big part of who I am as a person.

So what can you expect from HarmonyBlaze?

You can expect new posts on Thursday’s and Sunday’s at 6am (so be sure to look me up after you’ve grabbed your morning brew) and I also occasionally dabble in the odd YouTube video too.

Oh, and I can’t forget to mention that I also have a monthly newsletter ‘#MySelfLoveStyle‘ that lands in inboxes on the first Monday morning of every month – it’s an extra post of sorts, filled with motivation and thoughts. Be sure to sign up using the link above, it’s a hoot!

I think that that wraps me up nicely, but if you fancy finding out a little more about the girl behind the posts why not check out my favourite vegan choc chip cookie recipe, read up on why I’m trying to focus on eating less meat and why I fell in love with Gran Canaria! Enjoy!

Fancy working with me?

If you have a product, event or even content that you would like featuring here on HarmonyBlaze I would love to hear from you! I will always do my best to ensure you receive coverage on here, that you are highlighted on my social media feeds and credited of course, as long as the content is consistent with that already featured on HarmonyBlaze. Should you want a product to be returned please ensure return postage is organised to ensure safe return. All samples will be reviewed bias free & objectively, with an honest opinion given.

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