All the Small Things #AD

No sooner does it feel as though dust has settled from our mad dashes around town to find the perfect gift for our loved ones at Christmas, is Valentines Day is just around the corner and we have to come with more ideas of what the love of our life would like all over again.

And the older you get, the harder it gets to buy that special someone a gift that you know they won’t buy themselves and that is why I’ve teamed up with John Lewis (no not that adorable Canadian guy that get’s bombarded by Twitter users each Christmas, the high-end department store of dreams of course) to give you a few ideas this year.

Gone are the days where a cute little ‘Me to You’ bear or a remote control helicopter feel as though they would suffice as a token of my affection, these days I feel as though the gifts I buy for Paul need to be more meaningful.

After all when I gifted Paul the little RC Helicopter all those years ago, I received a pair of GHD Hair Straighteners in return. I guess you could say that was a turning point for me when it came to gifting!

But lets be honest, when it comes to Valentines you’re still recovering from splurging all the cash on those Christmas presents and you need to concentrate on finding those little things that will actually mean a lot to the love of your life.

Take this Bi Fold Wallet by Stanley for instance, not only is it something I know that Paul would like because its exactly the style he goes for (understated, slim and leather) but I also know that his current wallet has seen better days and that he would appreciate the thought behind it too.

Plus I think he would agree with the ‘work hard and make it happen’ motto that is embossed on the inside too.

On the subject of working hard, maybe he could make use of this notepad and pen set from Ted Baker, it would look really good being pulled out of the pocket of that gorgeous coat I got for him last Christmas and I’m sure he would appreciate having somewhere to note down his todo list for a change.

But the there’s to good old combination of ‘smellies and chocolates’ that I have it on good authority that men actually appreciate just as much as us ladies.

I know who’d have thought it?

So maybe I’d be safe picking him up a Molton Brown Body Wash (I know he loves the Black Peppercorn one so maybe I could introduce him to the Coastal Cypress and Sea Fennel one?) and a little box of those delicious Champagne Truffles that we always look at when browsing the gift selections in store? I’ve heard they’re the silkiest, smoothest truffles you can get your hands on!

Or would that be thinking too small? It feels like it would be.

Perhaps I could add a nice bottle of gin into the equation? Since the birth of the ginaissance a few years ago now, Paul and I have loved exploring the various flavours and distillers that have popped up. One we have seen a few times, but haven’t tried is Edinburgh Gin. I found this ‘Seaside Gin’ in the Gifts for Him section so I’m sure he would enjoy it and maybe he would even share it with me? 

It would be perfect for those lighter Spring evenings that are just around the corner.

But when in doubt go all out (okay so I may have changed that saying up a little) and buy him everything right? 

And maybe he’ll buy you that Neom Organics Candle in return.

Have you got any tips for buying that small but meaningful gift this valentines day?
Let me know below and I’ll catch up with you again soon, until then though x

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This post has been written in collaboration with John Lewis, all thoughts and flashbacks are my own.