All You Need is Love

Every time I have sat down to write this post, all I can hear in my head is Hugh Grant’s voiceover at the start of Love Actually making it really hard to think of what I actually want to say. But hopefully I’ve managed to pen something deep & meaningful…

So first of all I should probably explain why I’ve gone for such a topic as love at this time of year. Today I am attending the wedding of a couple of friends in Sorrento and that set me off thinking about love, what it does for you and how it gets you through some tough times.

Love isn’t always something that you feel for another person, it can be something that you feel for what you do and at the moment that is definitely the way I feel about my blog. It has gone far beyond being a hobby, a pastime, something to do when I get bored. It is something that I look forward to doing; whether it be sorting out my social media first thing in a morning whilst I do my session on exercise bike or sitting down with the laptop on an evening, replying to messages and emails after work. If it was just something to do I don’t think I would be motivated enough to devote as much time to my site as I do, I genuinely love what I do, the people who have supported me and everything that comes with being a blogger.

Yes sometimes you get the odd negative remark or message that will pull you down and sometimes the pressure of getting a post out on time can feel a little too much to take but it is on those days that I close the laptop and step away. I don’t want to start dreading what’s ahead, what the next email will entail and I always find that a break, a brew and a good list helps.

I am very lucky to have fallen on my feet with my site quickly and I am very aware and thankful for this.

So this may not have been the post you expected, it may not have even been to post you hoped it would be. But I’m glad that you have stuck it out to the end of the post and I’ll catch up with you again soon, until then though x

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