Another Year Older, Another Year Wiser

Well today is my birthday. I don’t sound too excited about it do I? I guess as you get older they become slightly less exciting, we don’t have as many exciting plans or nights out to celebrate them. However I am really excited to be turning 32 as I am really excited about the year ahead…

… The last year has been a great one for me personally and I recently sat back to have a think about how much I had change or in fact grown as a person over the last twelve months, I think that’s a really nice thing to do around your birthday. Here are 3 things I’ve learnt and 2 things I’ve achieved in year 32 of being me!

I’ve learnt how to be more independent. I never did the living away from home whilst at university thing and nor was I desperate to move out on my own as soon as I could afford to. I’ve only ever lived with my parents or my boyfriend. This year Paul has been working away from home a lot more and I’ve pretty much had 2 nights a week on my own since April now. It’s taught me to love my own company, to relax a little more and how to get more out of my evenings so I’m not sat on the sofa feeling lonely every night.

I’ve learnt how to run my own website. When I restarted my blog, I never really paused to think about the amount of time, effort and knowledge that goes into make one look polished and professional. Whilst my first site was exactly what I wanted at the time and reflected me at that time, I knew that I wanted something bold and different to re-launch with. Although it has mellowed and matured over the last year, I am very proud that I have tailored the template myself by learning basic coding skills, created my own banners and worked on all my own photography and imagery.

I’ve learnt how to take rejection. In 2015 the work situation was a little up in the air; Paul’s new role put a potential relocation on the cards and I was applying for roles in the NE left right and center. However, no matter how many roles I applied for or interviewed for, I seemed to get nowhere and became accustomed to the old rejection calls. A few years ago I would have taken feedback personally but I now seem to have become more resilient, I bounce back stronger to prove people wrong.

I’ve achieved training solo. This is one that Paul has pointed out to me recently. As much as I have always enjoyed going to the gym and working out, I have always had a little bit of a fear of working out on my own. I always felt like people were looking at me, judging me for not being able to run as far or as fast, for not being able to lift even a quarter of my own body weight  or keep up in Zumba! But now I realise that at the end of the day we’re all there for the same reason, to be healthier, to look and feel comfortable with ourselves and this has given me a new sense of freedom in the gym. I even go in the big, bad scary weights areas these days too.

I’ve achieved all of this. When I say this I don’t mean all of the above but this site, my emails, my social feeds etc. I am so so proud of this site. So 3 designs, 2 domains and boat load of blood, sweat and tears later, here it is and I hope it stays around for quite a while yet. Although I would still continue to write and produce content even if it was only my best friend and boyfriend that visited this site, it is you guys, my loyal Blazers (that’s a thing now right?) that motivate me and keep me going through all of the brain farts and mental blocks. For that I need to thank each and everyone of you, you guys rock.

Looking back, I’m quite proud of myself and how far I have come in year 32, it’s had it ups and downs and thankfully more smiles than tears. 

Here’s to year 33!

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