Avoiding the Bulge

It can be all too easy to put on a few extra pounds in the Winter, especially around Christmas time. Our offices are filled with chocolates and biscuits, our homes with fruitcakes and gingerbread and our plates with lovely starchy carbs. But if like me you’d rather not ‘fluff’ up this festive season here are a few tips for you…

Biscuits Vs Nuts – Nuts may well be high in fat, but they’re good fats. Just two biscuits out of that selection box you’ve been send could see you taking on board 200, fairly empty, calories in a matter of minutes; that’s about an extra 20 minutes intervals on the treadmill! Grab a festive handful of dry roasted pistachios, almonds and cashews instead for a protein punch.

Lift Vs Stairs – It’s such a small, simple change to make but it will help you combat those extra calories. 

Milk Choc Vs Dark Choc – Milk chocolate is essentially a diluted version of dark chocolate which means that you need more of it to be satisfied and of course the more you eat, the more calories you’re putting into your body. So next time you’re in the supermarket, grab a bar of Green & Blacks for next time that sweet tooth attacks. I often take 2 or 3 chunks to work with me to help me avoid the dreaded boxes of chocolates.

Wine Vs G&T – Luckily wine and G&Ts are my two favourite tipples all year round and I’m partial to glass of red on a dark Winter’s night. But at this time of year, when I know that there will be more nights out and more eating out than most of the year put together, I do tend to go for a Gin & Slimline instead. They may say that wine is good for the heart, but Gin is better for the waistline!

I don’t make a habit of calorie counting all the time, I’m more concerned with the macro split on a day to day basis but I do find it useful at this time of year to stop me from overindulging. 

What do you do at this time of year to stop yourself from piling on the pounds? Do you fear Christmas or embrace it? Share your tips below and I look forward to catching up with you all again tomorrow, until then though x

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