Banishing the Bloat

You’re eating well, working hard and living the life of a saint (well almost), but why is it you still feel sluggish, heavy and lethargic? We’ve all been there, but how can we beat the bloat well and truly?

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Photography by Paul Dickenson

The term water weight is one that gets bounded around on a regular basis, and let’s be honest who hasn’t used it as a excuse after a few too many takeaways and ciders in the Summer?

“I’m carry a little extra water weight.”

OK well maybe not in those words exactly but I’m pretty certain you’ve used the word bloated instead.

I can always tell when I’m carrying a little more water weight than normal because I get a little fluffy around the edges. My tummy puffs up like a proud Peacock, my muscles feel a little heavier and all I want to do is sleep.

Whilst there can be many causes of water retention such as being immobile (hello desk job, yes it’s partly your fault), consuming too much sodium (back away from the Salt shaker), being a woman (because hormones be crazy), but for me the worst culprit of all seems to be dehydration.

It sounds a little contradictory I know, but you see our bodies are really quite selfish really and when you don’t drink enough they retain as much water as they can in a kind of blind panic. To shift that excess water your body is holding on to you need to up your intake, so that it calms down and starts to regulate itself again.

Recently I discovered that For Goodness Shakes have started doing a Protein Coconut Water that is perfect for not only helping meet my macros when I’m on the go, but hydrated too. So now there really is no excuse for feeling dehydrated.

The combination of Protein and Coconut Water ensure that you can not only help your body recover after a workout but also replenish itself too and when Paul & I recently headed off for a day of National Trusting in North Yorkshire I reached straight for these when packing up our picnic.

Beating the bloat isn’t always easy, many of us have more sedentary jobs these days and we’ve become heavily reliant on convenience produce, but by drinking plenty, making time each day to move our butts a little bit and by eating more whole foods we can regain control.

What are your top tips for beating the bloat? Let me know below and I’ll catch up with you again soon, until then though x


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