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As I sit here enjoying my Heck Chicken Italia Sausages, I can’t help but feel a little bit proud of myself. It is now seven weeks since I started following a set nutritional plan and in five weeks time I’ll be flat out on my sunlounger.

Photography by Paul Dickenson

Welcome to the first Blaze Blogs – a new feature around these parts and one that I hope that you will not only enjoy, but that will help you to get to know the person behind this little bubble on the blogosphere a little better.

One that hopefully won’t be cliche filled. Promise.

So why I am I feeling a little bit proud of myself? Well as I mentioned above seven weeks ago (way back in June, where has the time gone) I started working with the amazing Sophia Hall in order to improve my diet, fitness and overall wellbeing.

Sophia is one of those wonderful, amazing and uber friendly people that blogging has been kind enough to bring into my life and also a qualified Nutritionist (and not one of those Wowcher Nutritionists either, she has a Masters in Nutrition & Biochem).

Working with her has taught me how to fuel my body to get the most from my workout sessions, to achieve my goals and feel amazing too.

But why are you proud of yourself I hear you cry!

Well today these Chicken Sausages taste of success.

Today I hit (well truth be told I smashed) my target! When I started with Sophia I also had just twelve short (who am I kidding, it seemed like an eternity at the time) weeks until I jetted off to Gran Canaria and I’ve tried so many times to get my body ‘beach ready’ and failed that I honestly didn’t know what I could achieve in that time.

But I picked a weight that I associated with being happy (now let me just make a very big point here, weight is not the most important thing but personally it just gives me something to work towards) and decided to set that as my goal weight.

In total I wanted to lose 4.2kg (just over 9lbs) and I thought that would be quite realistic given the timescale I had to work with.

To date I have now lost 4.4kg in total and I still have plenty of time to keep improving, working hard and building muscle before I board that plane in September.

So today I am proud of myself for sticking at something, for staying committed and for what I have achieved.

What have you achieved lately?

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