Blaze Blogs | I’m an Emotional Eater

Ever since I got back from holiday I’ve been struggling with my diet. I’m not following any plan at the moment (in fact I’m trying not to do this anymore) and because I have been feeling a little rundown, a little stressed and generally not myself I’ve been eating everything.

If you’re a long-term reader you may have read about my food struggles before, however, I have always struggled with my diet and weight. Not drastically by any stretch of the imagination but enough for it to bother me.

I’m sure we have all been there in the past, diving head first into a tub of Ben & Jerry’s after a hard day with no sense of self control. Comfort eating.

I can remember at school I was never particularly happy and sought solace in Chips, Cheese & Chocolate brownies almost every lunch time. It never made me feel any better, in fact it made me feel ten times worse, but I wanted food that comforted me and the array of Salads and healthy options just didn’t cut it.

Fast forward to University, I’d just broken up with my first serious boyfriend and I reverted back to my staple diet and supplemented it with plenty of Cider. After all I was a student, that’s what I was supposed to do wasn’t it?

I’m all for the occasional not-so-healthy meal or snack, one bad meal is not going to ruin all those hours in the gym, but I’m now more aware than ever that there always tends to be a reason behind wanting it.

I prefer healthy food in all honesty, I would much prefer to tuck into a nice piece of grilled Salmon & steamed veggies on a lunchtime than a portion of chips, so why do I crave and feel the need to binge on food I know will leave me feeling bloated and sorry for myself?

Because I crave the instant rush of satisfaction.

And that needs to change.

So from now on when I have a bad day I will not reach straight for the takeaway menu, I will not binge on cakes if I feel upset or worried and nor will I deny myself what I truly want because the ‘rules’ say I shouldn’t have it.

I am going to repair my relationship with food one step at a time, who’s with me? 

Let me know below and I’ll catch up with you again soon, until then though x


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