Taking Time Out & the Future of Blogging

When I started HarmonyBlaze in 2014, I don’t think I ever saw myself taking a two month break from it – but then again I don’t think I ever saw life getting so busy and hectic. However, whilst I may not have been ever present online these past few months I have thought a lot about the future of HarmonyBlaze and blogging in general.

Those OG HarmonyBlaze readers out the may have already noticed the aesthetic changes I have made recently and there are plans a foot to launch v4.0 of HarmonyBlaze later this year when I hopefully have a bit more time on my hands … I’m thinking more minimalistic, more editorial and more content collaborations.

Watch this space.

However, you may have noticed the content categories have already been ‘shaken up’ a little; I’ve combined my love of beauty & fashion (if you have been visiting this corner of the blogosphere for a while you will know this is where it all started for me) into ‘Look Good Feel Good’, I’ve introduced ‘The IBS Diaries’ and ‘ Happy Home Happy Mind’ two passions that I am extremely excited to talk about and there will still be healthy doses of ‘Health & Wellbeing’, ‘Personal & Lifestyle’ and ‘Travel’ content too.

Part of me does wonder if that is too many categories to take on, but all of the content will have the underlying theme of improving wellbeing in everyday life.

Hopefully these small interim changes excite you as much as they do me!

Whenever I think about blogging, I always wish that I had stuck with it back in 2012 when I started my first site (The Beauty Review) because I can’t help but wonder where it could have gone if I had. But in all honesty back then it wasn’t my passion, I mean I enjoyed it, but it wasn’t what I wanted to be doing all the time. But here we are, almost six years later, when I’m not blogging I wish I was and thinking about what I can do to make this site even bigger and better.

Over the years blogging has definitely evolved and I think that both people who run and read blogs can feel this, but that is completely natural. When I started HarmonyBlaze I had just turned 30 and didn’t feel as though there was much out there for girls my age and decided to create what I was searching for.

But now some of my favourite bloggers and YouTubers are starting to hit their thirties too, meaning that suddenly there is an abundance of more ‘grown-up’ content out there and the next generation of content creators are emerging, taking care of the ‘younger’ end of the market.

As we get older, we have less free time; we have more chores to do, we have to work harder to look after ourselves and our ‘day-jobs’ demand more of our time. We have less time to consume content never mind make it and we try to keep up-to-date with the world via the mediums of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

I guess that is one of the reasons I have taken time out from blogging a little lately, I needed to revaluate where it is all going, what people want to consume these days and where they want to consume it.

For years I have wanted (and tried) to create content that is appealing to everyone and it has taken me a while to realise that whilst yes I need to create content that people will want to read, I need to stop trying to please everyone and enjoy what I create. And whilst I have so many changes I want to make, I don’t want to take on too much too soon.

Content first, branding later.

So you may notice that things start to evolve here over the coming weeks and months. One thing that I touched on above was that I want to create more content that is editorial in style; this doesn’t mean that I am going to stop doing content that advertises products / services / places at all, it just means that I will be approaching things in a different way from now on which I hope you enjoy. I love to see what what my favourite creators think of things, I trust them more than the magazines I used to love growing up and mainly because they’re not faceless journalists. They’re people

Personally I enjoy getting stuck into a good blog post on a lunch time in the same way I’d get stuck into a new book on holiday, I love getting lost in the authors words, thoughts and feelings – I love getting to know the person behind the words.

This is how I know that people still enjoy reading blogs, because I enjoy reading them still.

When I started out blogging, I only followed a handful of bloggers and I chose them based upon whether or not felt as though I could relate to them on some level. Generally that also meant that I felt that the campaigns they put their name to, they had done so with their audience in mind, not just their bank balance.

And over the past few months I’ve gone back to only reading a handful of blogs on a regular basis – the ones who have a consistent approach to their content, who’s content is always well thought out and carefully considered.

If they are being controversial, they are being so because that is how they genuinely feel about a subject, it isn’t for the publicity or the click-bait, if they are advertising a brand it is because they like it and feel that their audience will to and if they’re having a hard time balancing everything then they will tell people how it is.

Gone are the days of my feeds being filled with meaningless ads, accounts that are seemingly scared of engagement and interaction – I want them to be filled with people who are honest, that have integrity and actually want to do the best for their audience.

I’d like to think that this is where HarmonyBlaze fits in too.

In an industry that is seemingly going nowhere for a long time and with more and more influencers  being ‘born’ daily, I think it is the honest few that will be the ones to keep pushing the boundaries and taking it to the next level.

Embrace it.

Enjoy it.

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