Blaze Blogs | Time to Change

If you’re a regular around these parts you may have notice a few changes have been made to the way HarmonyBlaze looks. This month this little corner of the internet celebrated it’s second birthday and with it came a little crisis of confidence.

A pretty monumental crisis of confidence at that.

I fell in love with blogging pretty much from the word go back in 2014. I loved the amount of control that I had over the look and feel of my site, I loved connecting with people and I loved being creative. Back then I paid no attention to analytics, didn’t worry about what people thought of my content or think about scheduling. HarmonyBlaze was my site, my outlet and back then having readers was always a bonus.

But the deeper I fell in love, the more I got hooked on creating. Over the past few years I have increased my posting schedule, invested in tech to improve my blogs appearance and even launch a YouTube channel. Slowly blogging has taken over my life and that’s what has kept me going.

Until recently that is.

Over the past few months I have started to worry more and more about what other think of what I have created, why I don’t get as much engagement as other bloggers and why I haven’t been ‘spotted’ by more PR’s, why the opportunities don’t fall my way.

I don’t want to sound like a ‘Moaning Myrtle’ but sometimes watching others do so well, achieving great things and having so many doors opened to them can make you feel a little unworthy to be in the same arena as them.

And that is why my confidence plummeted, I started to wonder why I bothered and what the point of it all was. Hence over the past few weeks I haven’t been as ever present and reliable as usual.

But last weekend I had the weekend off and I sat down at the laptop on Monday morning with a new motivation, to take matters into my own hands.

I no longer opened my site and thought ‘wow’. To me it had become a little stale, a little boring and a little to similar to everything else that was out there so I decided to change it up with a little help from the amazing pipdig.

So phase one is complete, the revamp is live and next up I am going to completely makeover my media kit and instead of waiting for opportunities to come to me, for PR companies to discover HarmonyBlaze I am going to take it to them.

It’s time to stop sitting back and waiting for life to happen for me, it’s time to make it happen for me.

What do you think of the fresh new look? What are your tips for combating a crisis of confidence? Let me know below and I’ll catch up with you again soon, until then though x


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