Champagne & Canapes

It’s not very often that I get a ‘plus one’ invite drop into my inbox and it is even rarer that when I do it is something that Paul can and will enjoy too. So when I received an invite to the #NuitDeLuxe event at Epernay, I knew exactly who to take.

Tucked away just a stone’s throw from Leeds’ thriving business and retail districts, Epernay is a real oasis of calm, champagne and canapes!

After a lazy day of blogging and getting ourselves ready, Paul and I headed into Leeds and first of all headed to Gusto on Greek Street; an art deco gem in Leeds’ dining out crown. Gusto is one of those chains that I always trust and now that there is one in Leeds I may as well kiss goodbye to my abs!

Starting the night with a Tiramisu Martini (an oh so naughty, but extremely nice twist on the classic Bond beverage) and a Tomato & Basil Garlic Pizza Bread, I knew I was in for a good night and I wasn’t disappointed by the quality of the food (although admittedly Paul’s Steak, although cooked to perfection & extremely tasty, was a little on the small side and he could have done with a side order of Steak to go with it). I can highly recommend the Grana Padano Risotto, especially with Pancetta, you can really taste the Truffle Butter and of course being Risotto it is really filling.

Thankfully I wore my food baby disguising Trench Dress from Blonde & Wise and the short walk from Gusto to Epernay gave me just enough time to start feeling less like a whale and more human again!

Epernay (literally) rolled out the red carpet for us and we were greeted on arrival with Quart Moet bottles and Fortune Cookies, now this may sound really odd but I have never had a fortune cookie before but these Yuzu & Raspberry ones were delightful and over the course of the night we were able to sample some of the gorgeous Canapes that Epernay can offer as we sipped on our Champagne (or Tonic Water in Paul’s case as he was driving, safety first peeps).

One of the highlights of the evening (other than the food & drink of course) was the confetti opening ceremony of the Jeroboam of Moet that they had got in especially for that evening! 

I cannot believe how quickly the night flew by and it was lovely to meet some of my fellow #LeedsBloggers, but before we knew it it was time to leave and head back home. Epernay has fast become my bar of choice in Leeds, I love the relaxed atmosphere, the attentive staff and fantastic drinks selection. If you haven’t already, I’d definitely give it a try.

Where are your go to places for Champagne & Canapes kind of nights? Let me know below and I’ll catch up with you again soon, until then though x

PS You can see more from the night here too x

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