Christmas Gifting | My Christmas Wishlist

This year I think I have possibly been the worlds worst person to shop for when it comes to Christmas presents, mainly because it is only over the last few days that I have actually started to think about what I want, what I need or what would make life that little bit easier next year.

Kate Spade Agenda 2017My diary is my life, I know that sounds silly in todays age of technology, but I work so much better with Pen & Paper! Old school I know. I gave Bullet Journalling a go over the last few months of the year and whilst I love idea of it, in reality I find it too time consuming.

Skins DNAmic Compression Tights One thing I want to get back into doing more next year is running, only short distances to start with but in a bit to get back up to being able to run a half marathon again by the end of the year. However, I’ve suffered with a lot of muscle soreness in the past when I’ve tried to do this so I really want to give something like these Skins a try to see if they help.

Pure Zen Yoga Towel Another thing I want to do more of in 2016 is Yoga, whether it be in a class environment or at home. Although I have a mat already it isn’t great for yoga (although fab for other home workouts). Pure Zen towels are super soft and ultra absorbent…

Beats HeadphonesThe start of this year saw the loss of my beloved (and slightly battered) Beats Headphones… since then I’ve tried a few different ones out but none have been as comfortable or good as the Beats. I workout so much better when I’m listening to something and blocking out the hum drum of the gym itself.

Jo Malone CologneThis year will always be known as the one that I discovered Jo Malone in and fell well and truly in love with her Pomegranate Noir scent. Another that I tried out on my recent Jo Malone visit was the English Pear & Freesia scent, a tad lighter than Pomegranate Noir bud just as decadent and Autumnal.

Apple MacBookI spotted this Rose Gold lovely on my way through Terminal 2 at Manchester Airport this Summer and it was love at first sight… Mainly because it is Rose Gold, but also because I have to use my boyfriends MacBook for all my blogging endeavours and having my own would not only be a dream come true right now, but also make life so much easier.

iPad Air Ok yes it’s another Apple product but hey, we are an Apple household clearly! My iPad is now about 5 years old and dying a slow (and for me) painful death, it’s slow, unreliable and the battery life is non existent… Maybe time for an upgrade? The only thing that disappoints me is that there is no Rose Gold option. C’mon Apple!

Pandora Feather Ring Another thing that I fell in love with at Manchester Airport this Summer was this gorgeous ring from Pandora and I would have got one right there and then, except they don’t stock small sizes in the airport. I could have cried and I still pop into Pandora when I can to make sure they still have it!

Pandora January Droplet Ring I think I was always destined to like drinks with an amber hue to them because Garnet is my gemstone and I love how the colour changes dependent upon the light you look at in. I spotted this on in Pandora by chance and I fell for it there and then!

UD Ultimate Basics PaletteI looked at this Palette for so long in the Sephora concession in Porto last month I’m surprised it didn’t just jump in my basket. I adore shades such as the oh so on trend burnt orange ‘Extra Bitter’ and the overtly smoky grey ‘Magnet’ and think they would look perfect in 2017!

Aspinal ToteThe ‘one day I’ll own one of those bags’ bag. There is nothing better than a good tote bag, they look good with anything, on any occasion and can hold everything. What more could you need in a bag?

GHD Gift Set Because I know that one day my GHDs are going to give up on me and my crazy morning hair and that day will upset me. Also how amazing to they look in Copper? I’m such a cliche aren’t I? I love all things Rose Gold and/ or Copper!

Nike Air ZoomAs I mentioned earlier, I want to get back into running this year and I know half of the battle is having the right trainers for the job and these Nike beauties wouldn’t let me down.

Boohoo BabydollOne thing I definitely need this Christmas is some new nightwear! I love babydoll nighties and this satin lovely from Boohoo ticks all the boxes for me!

Ted Baker Phone CaseThis is an unusual like for me because I don’t normally like this style of phone case at all. However, the Violet version of this ‘Shannon Mirrored’ phone case is gorgeous and ever so slightly sophisticated too.

Calvin Klein UnderwearI am still on the lookout for some comfortable, lounging underwear and these CK ones are still top of my list. I think like most I am too lazy to buy underwear … Or is that just me?

30 Year PortMy Latest obsession is Port, I fell in love with it on my trip to Porto and brought a bottle of the 10 Year Old Tawny back with me, but this bottle is almost (no jokes here people, please) as old as me so I’d love to give a home for a sort while at least!

UE BoomAnd finally (by the way go you for sticking with this) is the amazing UE Boom. I am always using my phone to listen to the radio, podcasts, videos, music… and all of these drain the battery so god damn quickly! But I listen to most of this in the bathroom whilst getting ready for work, or to go out so this would be perfect as it would allow my phone to stay on charge and keep me entertained. Perfect!

So there you have it, a rather epic (but definitely not a comprehensive) wishlist for this Christmas 2017! Let me know what is on your list this below and I’ll catch up with you again soon, until then though x


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