Christmas Gifting | The Present Haul

After all the pomp and ceremony of the last few days it is finally time to sit back and reflect on not only the last few days, but the year that has passed. Today I’m starting wrap up the year with a little ‘Present Haul’ post.

Over the past few years I think the old fashioned ‘What I Got for Christmas’ post have become a little bit taboo within the blogosphere with some people thinking that they are just used as an opportunity to brag about what they got and how well the boy did.

Not me, I love seeing what others found waiting for them underneath the Christmas Tree.

As always this year I feel super lucky with my haul of gifts and because I’m a traditional kind of girl at this time, I’m going to share with you a little roundup of what was in my stocking this year…

ANTHROPOLOGIE My family know me so well! I don’t care how much of a ‘basic’ (because let’s face it what is a basic anyway) my love for all things Anthropology makes me. When Victoria Gate opened in Leeds I was excited most of all for the opening of Anthropologie and I think my selection of candles, books and accessories reflect this!

AMAZONLets be honest there isn’t much that you cannot pick up on Amazon and I couldn’t be happier with my haul of DVDs, Fire Box and my Bridget Jones book… I think I’m sorted on the book front for a few weeks at least!

SUPERDRY I adore Superdry and have done for a few years now, yes it may be a little pricy but where isn’t these days and I am a firm believer of you get what you pay for. This year I got Superdry clothes, smellies and accessories so I think I’m sorted on the Superdry front for a little while now!

CALVIN KLEIN One thing you will know I have been lusting after for a while now is the gorgeous and super soft Calvin Klein ‘Modern’ Bralette and matching pants. These are perfect for those days where you want to lounge around and be a little more comfortable and I am so happy that they found their way to me at last!

JO MALONE It may not be long ago since I first entered the world of Jo Malone but it is a wonderful place to be and of course smells fantastic. This ‘Bathtime Collection’ will make baths that little more enjoyable thanks to the combinations of English Pear & Freesia, Nectarine Blossom & Honey & Peony & Blush Suede!

APPLE  I’ve most definitely saved this years best gift until last in the shape of my gorgeous iPad Pro which Paul bought for me. We are most definitely an Apple house these days, despite neither of us being particularly eager to jump one the bandwagon until about 5 years ago I got my iPad. It was love a first use and not only has it pretty much been everywhere for me, it has kept me connected and entertained along the way. However, it is pretty much grinding to halt these days and my iPad Pro is here to keep my online! 

And that my lovelies is this years present haul! I’d love to hear what you guys found under the tree so please do let me know your favourite gift below and I’ll catch up with you again soon, until then though x


Some of these items may have been sent to me for review. Please see my disclaimer for more information.