Christmas Gifting | The Thought Process

Some people might think I’m a bit of a scrooge, but I don’t normally start to think about Christmas until December and not as soon as Bonfire Night is over like some. The reason being that we have family birthdays right up until the last week of November and once everyone has had their own special day, then I can think about jolly old St Nick’s annual appearance.

The women in my life are always the hardest to buy for, most of them appear to have everything that they could possibly hope for but I love to put a little bit of thought into the presents that I give out at Christmas and I love scouring the web for great gifts like the shower, soap and shampoo L’Occitane have in store this year.

Let’s start with the smaller gifts on offer such as the Festive Baubles, perfect for table favours on the big day and one that can live on year after year on the tree. This year L’Occitane have three different versions of the bauble on offer with floral, herb and nutty options so there is something to suit all noses.

Then there’s the gifts for the home too such as the Lavender Home Diffuser Set, perfect for those ladies (like me) that really do not need any more toiletries, but that love a nice scent to be hanging in the air when they return home after a hard days work and  lets face it lavender is always a winner isn’t it?

Plus there’s you standard gift sets – ones for the face, for the hands and for the body that will allow you to primp, preen and pamper yourself to with in an inch of your life, to immerse yourself in luxury and unwind effortlessly.

Oh and there’s my particular favourite, the Ultimate Shea Hamper that houses all of the lotions and potions that you could dream of to help protect and nourish your skin through the cold dark months of Winter, that smell irresistable and feel oh so gorgeous on the skin too.

I’m a big believer that when it comes to present it is far more enjoyable to watch other open the gifts that you have selected for them than opening your own, to see the joy in someones face when they fall in love with what you have presented them with and the feeling of satisfaction when they say thank you.

What is your favourite gift from the amazing L’Occitane Christmas Collection? Let me know below and I’ll catch up with you again soon, until then though x


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