Comfort & Style

This year I have been pushing the boundaries of more wardrobe a little more than usual, buying different styles, fabrics and colours than those I usually lean towards, experimenting with new brands. and this little Jumpsuit from La Redoute perfectly sums it up.

I’ve often looked at jumpsuits in the past and dismissed them, thinking they wouldn’t suit me or that they just weren’t for me. 

How wrong I have been!

I’m a little on the short side and always thought that full length one pieces like these would make me look short and dumpy, when in reality they elongate me and create the illusion of me being taller.

This gorgeous printed suit from La Redoute was just £22.50 and perfect for my last minute getaway in search of a few days Winter Sun in Porto with Voyage Prive. It is super lightweight despite its size and easily fit into my hand luggage and was comfortable to wear from day-to-night in the mid-Winter Sun and it could just as easily be worn with flats as with heels.

The cross-front top is very flattering and well tailored to ensure there is no gaping or escaping, giving you the confidence to get on with your Port tasting!

I think the reason that this looks so good on is all thanks to the waistband detailing, ensuring that you have a waist as opposed to hanging straight. I felt comfortable and confident in this all day, jumping in and out of taxis and walking between bars… There’s even enough room to hide the fact I may have eaten a few many Tapas too!

The secret (for me) of taking an outfit from day-to-night is finding something that you feel happy in and comfortable makes me happy.

What are your current favourite style pieces? Let me know below and I’ll catch up with you again soon, until then though x


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