Confidence Revisited

You may remember that last year on here I addressed the topic of confidence and discussed my struggles with it from being a youngster right through to today and as always it’s a topic on many peoples lips and one I wanted to touch on again…

…One thing that I talked about last year was my body hang ups and the lack of confidence that I often felt in my own skin. Now I’m not going to say I no longer feel the same way because some days I do, but lately I feel as though I have learned to appreciate my hang ups a little bit more and that I have started to see things a little differently.

Maybe I’ve turned a corner in life?

Looking back on when I was little I never had any hang ups, I loved my hair and would sit at my Grandma’s dressing table brushing my locks, I wouldn’t think twice about what shoes I was pairing with my outfit and would wear what I wanted, when I wanted and I certainly never thought I looked fat. 

Why is this?

Back then I had no idea what the world wanted and expected of me, I was more concerned about which Pound Puppy to save up for next or which my My Little Ponies should sleep in the stable that night!

I was stress less and care free.

Recently I took a major step forward in accepting myself and bought a full-length mirror for the bedroom and I take a little time each day to admire my body, to compliment myself on how far I have come and find the good in myself. 

My social feeds are filled with inspirational people and quotes to keep me going, feeding my brain new ideas and boosting my appetite to try even harder so that I can continue to see changes in the mirror every day. 

I’m daring to dream about what I can achieve aesthetically and physically and it’s having a positive effect on other areas of my life too and I’m daring to dream about making my passion my career too, my confidence in me has grown and anything feels possible.

I still have those days where I hate my hair, my thirtysomething lines and wake up feeling like a whale. But when I do I go and stand in front of my mirror and quickly realise I’m not too bad for an old gal after all.

What are your body hang ups? Do you dare to dream?

Let me know below & I’ll catch up with you again soon, until then though x

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