Dear Body…

A couple of weeks ago I read one of those blogposts that really spoke out to me. You know the type, the kind where you sit there for a few minutes at the end pondering the meaning of life, the universe and everything in-between.

The post in question was ‘A Letter to my Body‘ by Carly Rowena.

I loved how eloquently Carly was able to put just how much her body means to her, how much she appreciates everything that it has enabled her to do so far and everything that she hopes they will be able to achieve together in the future.

At the end of the post Carly set a challenge to people to write their own letter to their body, so here’s mine…

We’re on a good run at the moment aren’t we?

I feel as though we’ve made a minor breakthrough of late … I mean, we’ve been through some turbulent times over the past few years but just recently it feels as through we’re finally accepting one another for who we are.

I’ve always treated you badly, that’s why I used to squeeze you into those Diesel jeans as a student.

Everyone else was wearing skinny jeans so I wanted to too, but I also wanted to drink pints of cider and eat pie & peas at the football on a Saturday as well. I always wanted to be something or someone else; I wanted to be taller, to skinnier and ultimately more popular. We were never popular at school, we were bullied and tormented for being ‘different’ and I guess I’m still not totally over that, but I’m getting there.

I’ve often tormented you for not having a washboard stomach, not having lean legs or toned arm and I’m sorry for that, I’m sorry for all of the negative things I have ever said to you because you’re not stupid, you’re magical. Those little ‘tree-trunks’ as they were once known have carried us through several half-marathons, countless 5 & 10k runs over the years and allowed me to follow my passion of football as a teenager.

We even won player of the week at that training camp, do you remember?

But I’ve come to realise that those things that I’ve longed for all my life aren’t necessarily the most important things to achieve anymore … what’s the point of having a washboard stomach if it means cutting out the three p’s (pizza, pasta and prosecco)?

I’ve also come to realise that you body are not in charge and I need to get you and brain working in harmony if we are to achieve our goals this year. I need brain to be kinder to you, to let you have ‘off’ days when you’re struggling, to fuel you correctly to enable you to get through those workouts we all want to complete (I mean hey we only need to add 10kg to that Olympic Bar to hit this years deadlift target and we’re not yet halfway through it) and to encourage you to grow in different ways.

Yes that ‘weight’ figure on the scales may be going up, but that body fat one is coming down and the inches are falling off. You’re doing so well.

I’m sorry for those late teenage years where I fuelled you on chocolate brownies, cheesy chips and alcohol. But I’m not sorry for all the late nights, the shivering in taxi queues and blisters. We made some awesome memories together in that period of time, so instead I’m actually thankful for pulling through for me and surviving all those nights on the dance-floor together.

So what’s next? In all honesty, I have no idea, we both know I’m not one for spending much time planning ahead and maybe that’s another thing brain and I need to work on. But all I do know is that you will be there for me, that you will work as hard as you can for as long as you can and that we will have an amazing time along the way.

I want to take you places you have always dreamed of, allow you to grow in the way that you were clearly designed to (you were built to be strong, not skinny and I can see that now) and achieve great things.

And I know we will do all of this if we work together and get brain onside too, because together we can do what ever we want to do and we could be unstoppable.

Do you have anything you feel you should say to your body? Take up Carly’s challenge, you might just surprise yourself! Let me know below and I’ll catch up with you again soon, until then though x

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