Dear Santa

This year has been truly amazing, from a week in Sorrento for the most magical wedding to meeting a close friends baby for the first time, I’ve certainly made some fond memories. When I was little I would always leave a Christmas card out for Santa along with a drink and a snack, here’s what I’d be saying this year if I still did…

“I’d like to think I’ve been a good girl this year, I’ve tried much harder to be of use and to help out others.

I’ve had a wonderful year filled with love, laughter and opportunities, I’ve visited new places and met some new faces along the way, I hope I can keep seeing them around day-to-day.

As well as all of this I’ve learnt lots of new things, coding and editing to name just a few and I can’t believe how far my little site has come on in just 12 months, onwards upwards let’s reach for the stars.

Yes there’s been heartache and there have been tears, but the good times have outweighed the bad and for that I’m really thankful.”

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas, Blogmas will continue tomorrow and until the end of the month, but for now x

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