Discovering BoroughBox

You never can trust the Great British Summertime can you? Last weekend I bounded out of bed, full of purpose because I had planned on treating Paul to a lovely relaxing picnic in the garden as the forecast was promising and I had a box of goodies to try out.

Ok so treating Paul wasn’t 100% my motive behind having a little picnic and spending a little time outdoors in the garden for a change. 

Both Paul and I spend most of the week in our respective offices, without fresh air and staring at screens so it is really nice on a weekend to do something really different, break free a little and relax. However, on Saturday the weather god’s delivered lots of cloud cover, a strong breeze and heavy showers. Great.

But undeterred I ventured on with my plan and whilst Paul enjoyed some serious man time on the Playstation (so jealous, I want to fight the bad guys as well) I got to work in the kitchen.

I met the guys at BoroughBox at the recent #BigBloggerExpo in London and was blown away (literally by the Chilli Honey they had on the stand) by the depth and variety of sellers that they work with.

For those of you who haven’t come across the company before, BoroughBox (totally unrelated to the market, but just as tasty) is two things; it’s a foodies dream pantry and brands vessel to discovery. Confused? I’ll explain…

BoroughBox not only has an amazing pantry store on their site, filled to the brim with amazing goodies such as Chutneys, Oils and my personal favourite, Gin, it also has a monthly ‘Discovery’ hamper that you can subscribe to to find new, upcoming brands, unique flavours and treats to enjoy. 

For our picnic I used…

Woza Biltong | Classic Beef Biltong

Primal Pantry | Apple & Pecan Raw Paleo Bars

Chins Kitchen | Nankhati Biscuits 

Vegetarian Caviar Club | Black Baluga Style Seaweed Pearls

Whirld | Handmade Vanilla Fudge

Danilo Manko | Basil infused Olive Oil

Taste Croatia | Pumpkin Seed Oil

Spice Mountain | Himalayan Pink Salt

Phew, what a list! Although it sounds like  lot (ok maybe it is but we didn’t eat it all in one sitting) I simply laid the sweeter items out on the table as a snacky pudding and as you can see I put the Biltong on a board with a little Rocket Salad that I drizzled Pumpkin Oil over and sprinkled on a pinch of the salt. The Vegetarian Caviar made a fantastic accompaniment to some Smoked Salmon canapes that I put together and I teamed the Basil infused Olive Oil with some Balsamic Vinegar & toasted Ciabatta for that tapas feel.

Once everything was put together there was nothing left to do other than fill our plates and settle down to watch the Olympics with smiles on our faces. Never let a little rain get in the way of making memories!

I can’t wait for my next BoroughBox picnic now!

What are your picnic essentials? Let me know below and I’ll catch up with you again soon, until then though x

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