Eat Your Greens

Diet tends to be where it all falls down for me. I am a huge fan of pasta dishes, risottos and curries, basically anything that is high in carbs and low in vegetables! However, when you’re trying build lean muscle mass this isn’t the best approach and you really do need those greens…

My favourite lazy morning breakfast or mid-afternoon snack is a fruity smoothie, but as well know fruits are naturally high in sugars and as good for us as they are they can often cause the same energy boost and slump as some of their naughtier convenience counterparts.

One way to balance fruit based drinks out is to add some greens into the mix, vegetables like spinach and broccoli for example are high in iron which the body needs to keep you going throughout the day but unfortunately they don’t have the longest shelf life and are often messy and time consuming to prepare.

Enter green supplements.

I have used these for a while now and whilst adding them to my smoothies tends to lead to people wondering what the hell I’m drinking, they really do help your body to power on.

The great guys over at Lean Greens recently sent me their vegetable drink mix to try out and I have been so impressed with it. Unlike some it doesn’t taste powdery and just one scoop a day is enough to keep those bugs at bay too.

My favourite mix of the moment is 300ml of Coconut Milk, Melon, Kiwi, Blueberries, a teaspoon of Agave and of course a scoop of Lean Greens. It tastes so refreshing on a warm afternoon, perks me up thanks to the Green Tea extract and definitely helps me boost my green intake!

You can of course add Lean Greens to any drink or meal you like (a scoop in Chicken Soup is amazing) or even just shake it up with some water for a fast on the go hit if you’re busy.

Have you tried Lean Greens or another vegetable drink mix? What’s your favourite way to chill out on these warm afternoons?

Let me know below and I’ll catch up with you again soon, until then though x

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