Fall In Love with Working Out


In today’s modern society, we often find ourselves flitting about all over the place like little social butterflies and when prioritising, working out is quite often one of the things which we end up putting on the back burner.

Because you know, #FOMO.

But when I put my health on the back burner I start to feel lethargic and as though I am constantly running on empty. I get into a vicious circle of wanting to workout to feel better but not having the energy to do so.

However, I know deep down that doing just a little bit of exercise each day will make me feel so much better and more energetic.





Who would have thought ‘speculate to accumulate’ can be applied to energy too?

As a teenager, the thought of PE filled me with dread; maybe it was the communal showers, maybe it was the foul mouthed bullies (because teenage girls are frickin’ mean girls IRL too) or maybe I was just lazy… I don’t know, but I was regularly one of those girls with a note to excuse her from having to take part.

But in my 20’s I changed my mindset, working out became a social event (well a way I could spend time with Paul) and my reward after every session was a dip in the hot tub!

I felt as though I was winning at life to be honest and over time my Sunday night sessions turned into daily ones and I learnt that the only sessions you regretted were the ones you didn’t turn up to and not the ones you did.

I think one of the reasons that I fell in love with working out is because I when I started out my goal was never to lose weight, back then weight was an irrelevant number that I didn’t care about and all I wanted was to be a little healthier and stronger.

My workouts never have been and never will be guilt induced, regardless of what I have eaten or what the scales are saying. My workouts are something that I enjoy and not a chore.

As children we love nothing more than running around the playground with our friends, we are aimless wonderers just having fun.

Exercise should always stay this way, fun.

So how can you fall in love exercise as an adult? Well contrary to popular belief, you do not need to throw yourself head first into a five or six day routine (from experience this will leave you feeling exhausted and disappointed) and instead just start by easing yourself in gradually by walking a little more or attending a group class at your local gym, make it part of your social calendar. 

Never think of exercise as a way to balance out a bad diet, that’s just not how it works I’m afraid and that type of mindset will only mean that you lose interest and enjoyment quickly. Instead think about the health benefits of exercise, that you will feel more energetic as a result and stronger.

And on those days where you cannot be bothered, remember that any exercise is better than no exercise and instead of becoming a sofa bear, hit the floor. Stretch it out, work that core and keep moving. As I said before you’ll never regret a workout, just the ones that you don’t do.

Do you love working out? Or have you lost the love?
Let me know below and I’ll catch up with you again soon, until then though x

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