Feel Fresh

Feeling fresh is something that we all want and, lets be honest here for a second, something that we all deserve too. Feeling fresh can help you to feel brighter, happier and more comfortable so who wouldn’t want that?
Unfortunately not everyone has the luxury of feeling fresh and I’ve teamed up with the guys at LightsbyTENA to spread the word about one of those taboo subjects that us women don’t tent to talk about much.

Bladder weakness.

Last weekend I headed to London to meet with the lovely Rachel from TENA and I learnt that light bladder weakness is a lot more common than we think and probably shouldn’t be a taboo subject. After all it is something that 1 in 3 women in the UK will experience at some stage of their lives.

After hearing how bladder weakness can (and has) effected some women I was eager to share some tips that the wonderful Dr Hilary Jones has put together on how to keep you bladder healthy and also tell you about TENA’s #FeelFresh campaign. 

So how can you keep your bladder as fit and strong as you are?

WAIT IT OUT  | You can strengthen your bladder by not going straight to the toilet the moment you start to feel the urge, but don’t leave it too long as you will run the risk of infection!

WORK IT | TENA have put together a fantastic app to help remind you that you need to work your Pelvic Floor muscles just as much as any other muscle group. Strengthening your floor can help prevent those frustrating little leaks.

WATER IT DOWN  | It sounds counterintuitive but staying hydrated will help prevent you making unnecessary trips to the bathroom on a night out. Alcohol stimulates the bladder making you need to pee more frequently, so sip your wine slowly or switch to a non-alcoholic beverage to avoid dashing off.

DRINK UP | Reducing your water intake is not the way to cure bladder weakness, in fact reducing your water intake can lead to your bladder shrinking in size. Instead maintain a healthy intake and work on strengthening your bladder and PF.

BE A QUITTER | Yes you heard me, be a quitter. Alongside all of the more commonly known issues that smoking causes you may be surprised to learn is bladder weakness. Nicotine reduces collagen in the bladder which in turn will cause the muscles to weaken and increase the likelihood of little leaks occurring… Not to mention the strain that coughing will put on your PF.

But what can you do to help cover up those oops moments whilst you work on strengthening your bladder and pelvic floor? 

That’s where LightsbyTENA can help. You see ‘Lights’ are designed for those women out there that have those little moments of weakness (and I’m not talking about the buffet table weak moments here) and they’re thin, discreet and claim to be 5x drier than regular towels! 

Whats more if you try LightsbyTENA out and they don’t leave you feeling fresh simply let them know and they will give your money back, they’re that confident.

So what do you have to lose?

Have you taken the #FeelFresh challege? Let me know below and I’ll catch up with you again soon, until then though x


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