Feeling Fly

I am a big believer that confidence is as much a state of mind that we need to learn to adopt as it is a feeling and/ or emotion that we need to develop. One thing I know for sure is that what you wear can have a massive impact on how you feel.

It has taken me an eternity to realise this though I must

I always wanted to dress to fit in, to look trendy and not
to stand out. I think it stemmed from that deep rooted desire to feel accepted,
but now I realise that it isn’t about what you wear, it’s how you wear it that

And that is why I adore Superdry.

Last weekend I visited one of the nation’s favourite High
Street fashion retailers and armed with copious amounts of clothing that I had
selected from the rails, I headed off to the changing rooms with a big old
smile on face, excited at the prospect of updating my wardrobe and skipping
(not literally of course) out of the store with my new purchases in tow.

In reality I tried on jeans, tops and dresses on in the same
size as I have bought from said store numerous times in the past and ended up
leaving with just a blouse and a blazer. Why? Because the jeans no longer have
the same cut and fit as they did previously, the tops no longer made me feel
amazing and in the end I left feeling deflated and with my confidence shot to

I should have headed to Superdry.

Visiting Superdry is a different story, a consumers dream
come true if you will. A few weekends ago I quickly nipped into Superdry, picked
up this ‘
StripedBodysuit (teamed here with some of my favourite ASOS trousers & Toms) in
my usual size, waltzed over to the tills (after somehow managing to persuade
myself that I didn’t need everything in store, although I do of course) and left
feeling really rather pleased with myself.

Even better still is Paul can do exactly the same and if a
man can quickly nip into a store, pick up anything he likes the look of and
know that it will fit without having to faff around trying things on, well that
makes for a very happy man indeed.

It’s just reassuring to know.

Superdry’s new season collection is full of twists on their
staple classics and current trends. The ‘
ClassicJersey Polo’ combines all to comfort of a soft jersey twill and the chic
style of a polo shirt is one of Paul’s favourite pieces for this Spring and it
can be combined with a pair of ‘
ChinoShorts’ & ‘SkipperShoes’ for a relaxed daytime look or with a pair of jeans and shoes for the
office or an evening out.

And that is something else that is reassuring to know, that
I can pick up pieces that will make feel just as comfortable and confident on
almost any occasion, just by changing what you team it with.

I guess what I’m trying to say is don’t let one brands
ineptness get you down, put your trust in one that you know won’t let you down
and will always make you feel amazing.

I’m feeling pretty fly in my Superdry, how about you? Let me know below and I’ll catch up with you again soon, until then though x


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