Festival Fashion with Superdry & The Style Rawr

Summer in the UK isn’t all about heading to the coast, wearing less layers and filling up on fish & chips and ice cream you know. Summer also hails the arrival of the festival season and no matter where you’re headed you know that aside from the music, it really is all about the style…

Lets set the scene; you’re in your tent listening to the hustle and bustle of the campsite around you after your first nights (usually broken & not great) sleep and about to get up and get your game face on for the day ahead. Although the sun is shining, this is no Coachella and layers are the order of the day to make sure that you get from AM to PM unscathed.

Neatly packed into your rucksack is your staple, go with everything, t-shirt.  This light & charcoal grey t-shirt gives you so many style options and is super light making it perfect for layering at a festival. Over the top you slip on your dress, a very feminine, fitted, fifties inspired sun dress for a fun, daytime look and finish your look off with a pair of Converse-esque pumps, in the vain hope that the rain clouds stay away and they can gleam white through to the the hours of darkness.

After scooping your hair into a messy bun, adorning it with some cute flowers and gems (because lets face it if you can’t do this at a festival, when can you?) and creating that perfect ‘I’m not wearing any makeup’ makeup look, you grab your glitzy little dip-dye bag (throw in your money, sunglasses, phone and lipgloss) and tie a shirt around your waist (just in case of course) and head to the main arena.

You sing, you dance and you’re really glad you remembered that shirt to throw on over as an extra layer as the sun starts to set on your day, but it’s not over yet. There may be more of a breeze and a definite chill in the air, but as you head back to your tent you know exactly what you need to do to get through to the end of the night and so after enjoying a little camp fun with your friends and refuelling on beautiful BBQ delights you head back into your tent.

A quick freshen up, retouch of the makeup and adjustment of the hair you swap out the fun, daytime dress for a more sensible, skinny pair of dark, denim jeans, pop a nice light yet warming vest on under the athletic fit t-shirt which will glisten under the bright lights of the main arena by night thanks to the sequinned logo and pack your trainers away, opting for a sturdy pair of black boots for the nights festivities instead.

Once again picking your bag up and preparing to head back out and party the night away, you wrap your oversized, chunky knit around you for added warmth and to finish off your look and after zipping up your tent you head back down to the madding crowds, find yourself a spot and dance the night away.

If you’re preparing to head off to a festival over the next few weeks and still looking for a little inspiration, make sure you check out The Style Rawr and Superdry for a boat load of inspiration!

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