Finding My Groove | Jack Wills Sporting Goods

I thought that signing up for the Leeds Half Marathon this year would stop me from hitting my usual New Year fitness slump. How wrong I was. There is something about the New Year that puts an unbelievable amount of pressure on us all and sometimes something has to give.

I started the year determined to live my best year ever and whilst I am still just as determined as I was on January 1st, I also feel as though I have made little or no progress so far this year. This year has been a difficult one so far, I’m still struggling to get to grips with not being able to eat what I want, when I want and with my energy levels as a result. But hopefully things will start to get better once my Gastroenterologist appointment comes through.

Until then I need to take control and find my groove.

What I have found is that it isn’t only what I eat that can cause me to feel unwell it is when I eat too, so heavy late night meals are off the menu for me from now and instead I am starting to enjoy lighter meals when I get in from the gym on the evening.

I don’t just work out and eat well to look good, in fact I wish it was that simple, but working out is good for my mental health too and eating well keeps my body harmonious and firing on all cylinders. Sometimes it frustrates me that people fail to see past the aesthetics.

In the gym I have mixed up my routine quite a bit since the turn of the year, instead of concentrating on lifting more and getting stronger in that sense, I have been running more (on ave. about 3 times a week) and focusing on training my legs and back more to help me through my Half Marathon in just over two months time.

But when I’m feeling a little off track and little wayward one thing that always helps me find my motivation is new kit and the new range of sportswear from Jack Wills fits the bill perfectly. I love that the range has been designed with the wearer in mind using high performance fabrics.

I have fallen head over heels for the ‘Forton Gym Hoodie‘ that you can see here, not only does it look fabulous on (sleek, black and ultra slimming), it is also unbelievably comfortable thanks to its brushed fleece inner layer and longline fit.

Now that Spring is finally on its way there is no more need for a huge coat on an evening when I leave the gym and so this little hoodie and I are about to become very good friends indeed!!!

The one thing I always try to remember is that what I am trying to achieve is a happy and healthy lifestyle, that what I am doing isn’t a fad and that what I am doing is for me and nobody else.

Have you found your groove yet this year? As always I’d love to hear from you below, thanks for reading x


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