Finding Your Fitness Mojo

When I got back from holiday this year I really struggled to get back into gym life. I had no purpose or direction to head in, I struggled to get back into eating healthily & over indulged at every available opportunity. But as much as I’d like to, I can’t spend the Winter months hibernating…

I guess it’s all a question of motivation. Before you go away you have a set goal to achieve, there’s always that bikini or dress you want to look amazing in as you walk along the beach. But when you get back, with only months of layers and big coats ahead of you it can be hard to find the energy to get on with it.

Motivation is driven by the desire to achieve and so when that desire goes, so does the motivation.

At university we were always told that we needed to be SMART in what we trying to achieve and I’ve found that this works in the gym too, in fact I think you could apply this acronym to any area of life. 

So moving forward lets agree for our goals to be; 

  • SPECIFIC – don’t just say ‘I want to be fitter’, say ‘I want to run 5k’ or ‘I want to do a push up’. 
  • MEASURABLE – picking a goal that is measurable will spur you on, you will be able to see how far you have come and how close you are to achieving it.
  • ACHIEVABLE – don’t aim to run a half marathon in a month if you’ve never owned a pair of trainers before. Start small. It’s better to take baby steps and succeed, attempt giant leaps and fail.
  • RELEVANT – make sure that the goal you pick is relevant to you, what your colleague is trying to achieve may not be suitable for you. Don’t try to lose weight just because everyone else is.
  • TIME BOUND – is there a local fun run coming up? Is your birthday just around the corner? Set yourself a deadline, it will motivate you to work harder to satisfy yourself.

My goal? I want to get get back to my pre-holiday weight over the next 6 weeks. Why? Because when I went on holiday I felt amazing, I worked hard and felt the benefits. 

I‘d love to hear what your goals are at the moment, whether they’re in or out of the gym so please leave them for me to have a look at below and I will make sure that I update you on mine in my October Fitness Diary. 

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