Fitness Bytes with Dan Mennell

Welcome to another ‘Fitness Bytes’ your fortnightly dose of reality with the shining stars of the health and fitness blogging community. We may make it look easy on our blogs and Instagram feeds, but we’re only human and here’s why… 

From previous editions of ‘Fitness Bytes’ you could be forgiven for mistakenly thinking that the health & fitness blogging community is an all female one, but tonight I’m shining the light on one of our male counterparts, PT and blogger Dan Mennell. 

Who are you & how would you describe your current lifestyle? My name is Dan Mennell and I’m a Personal Trainer and aspiring Fitness Writer/ Blogger. My current lifestyle is busy, but I’ve never enjoyed myself more. I’m just trying to create as much helpful, informative content as I possibly can to help as many people as possible with their fitness goals.

What type of exercise are you currently doing?| The exercise I do mostly revolves around experimentation! I’m the perpetual guinea pig for testing out new exercises, styles, periodisations and methods!

Right now I’m exploring plyometrics a lot more as well as trying out different variations of multi-directional exercises.

How many times a week? I’m doing 4 short sessions a week.

How long have you been doing it? | I’ve been training for the last 9 years.

Being honest, have you been consistent? | I’ve built up my consistency over time. There were periods in the earlier years where I might not have been as consistent, but the last six years I’ve been as consistent as possible. Consistency is definitely the key to fitness – small progress over time beats short bursts of intensity followed by injury and inactivity.

Are you getting the results you want – Yes or No? | In reality the results I’m after now are more knowledge. My training is based around learning as much as I can so that I can apply it to others. I do have a few personal goals too that I’m working towards, like training to lift some of the Scottish stones of strength too – but i’m getting the results I want in terms of learning lessons I can pass on to my clients.

How do you feel about your current level of fitness? | I’m happy with my current level of fitness. I’ll always want to be a little bit stronger and faster than I am, but I’m happy with the strength and fitness levels I’m able to maintain now.

What are you looking to achieve? Why? There are a few things I’d still like to achieve. I’d like to get a 3 times body-weight squat and dead-lift. It’s a purely self-centered goal really, it’s just something I think would be cool to have done! I’d also like to lift as many of the Scottish Stones as I can over the next few years. Again, it’s just something I think would be fun to have done! I’ve definitely taken myself too seriously in the past with my goal setting aiming for world records and national competition, so now I’m more concerned with just having fun!

When are you looking to reach your goal by? | I’d like to hit the squat and dead-lift goals in the next two years. I’m happy to be patient with those goals. I’ve gotten very close to them in the past, pushed too hard and gotten injured, so this time I’m happy to give them time. I’m going to take a trip to Scotland and bag a few stones this summer. If it’s as much fun as I hope it’ll be, i’ll make some return trips to get some more!

How important is it to you to achieve your goal(s)?| My goals are important to me. But the progress my clients make has become more important to me now. I’m finding a lot of gratification in helping people rather than focusing on myself. My own goals are definitely secondary to my improvements as a trainer.

Finally … What would you say to inspire others? | I’d say find something you enjoy. You need to do something that lights a spark in you. If you put enjoyment at the forefront of exercise then your goals will take care of themselves. You’ll find yourself training harder, with more discipline and consistency and your progress will skyrocket as a result. It’s still important to have goals that you want to reach, but exercise, health and fitness is a big world! You can pick from a lot of different paths to reach your goals, so make sure you’re on one you’re enjoying. Sticking with it in the long-run is the most important (and often overlooked!) aspect of success and nothing helps with that more than simply having fun!

Dan has a really refreshing outlook on health & fitness in that he believes that it should be fun, something that you enjoy and look forward to which is so true. Working out should never feel like a chore or be something that you feel obliged to do. I’m pretty certain he will smash his personal goals quicker than he aims to too because he has taken the pressure off and sometimes that is just what you need.

You can stay in touch with Dan & find out more about both him and RunJumpLift over on Facebook and of course over at RunJumpLift too. 

Are you interested in taking on the ‘Fitness Bytes’ interview? What are your current fitness goals? Let me know below and I’ll catch up with you again soon, until then though x


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