Fitness Bytes with Fab Giovanetti

Welcome to ‘Fitness Bytes’ your fortnightly dose of reality with the shining stars of the health and fitness blogging community. We may make it look easy on our blogs and Instagram feeds, but we’re only human and here’s why…

Who are you & how would you describe your current lifestyle? 

My name is Fab, I am a business strategist, certified Health Coach, founder of the Health Bloggers Community and the Health Blog Awards. My current lifestyle is hectic with a pinch of healthy – or maybe it’s the other way around?! Life can be exciting and a bit cray-cray when you run your own business!

What type of exercise are you currently doing? 

An awful lot of weightlifting, and some running. If I do deep stretch, I do yoga. I also mix in one HIIT session in each of my workouts. I need variety or I get insanely bored, it’s just the way I am!

How many times a week? 

I would say 5 roughly, when I do not workout I walk at least 15,000 steps (I love my FitBit, I would have never thought I could get so excited about my heart rate!)

How long have you been doing it? 

I got into heavy lifting in December, starting to actually go to the gym (I was a class bunny before) and be a regular in the weights section, as well as the cable machine (my current fave).

Being honest, have you been consistent? 

Yes, I may have not been as consistent with my food and the lifestyle I have been following, but workouts are never an issue to me.

Are you getting the results you want – Yes or No? 

On a performance level absolutely. It is much slower than weight-loss, but building muscles is very rewarding, and also practical in everyday life for plenty of reasons!

How do you feel about your current level of fitness? 

It’s picking up so quickly, I am dang excited. Squatting 30kg is pretty damn hot.

What are you looking to achieve? Why? 

I want to feel stronger, and I want to create a balance that allows me to feel, again, confident in my own skin. As an entrepreneur you tend to neglect that, in favour of working 24/7 – it’s just a matter of working towards better balance.

When are you looking to reach your goal by? 

It’s a continuous journey, so I tweak my goals monthly, keep progress in check, and also have a PT to keep me accountable – yet, I am not the one who needs to be told to workout!!

How important is it to you to achieve your goal(s)? 

As important as learning from the journey, and appreciating where I am at right now.

Finally … What would you say to inspire others? 

You are wonderful. You are loved. You are amazing, and perfect right now. Never let anyone tell you otherwise.

As Founder and Director of the Health Bloggers Community and Health Coach Fab certainly leads a busy life, but she is a girl after my own heart – wanting to feel strong & confident and acknowledging that fitness is a continuous journey. She has definitely inspired me to up my squatting game! How about you?

You can catch up with Fab at the HBC Website, onInstagram and over at Twitter too @HBloggersCom.

I hope you enjoyed the first edition of ‘Fitness Bytes’ and if you’re interested in taking part drop me an email, I’d love to hear from you!

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