Fitness Bytes with Leisha Mulvey

Welcome to the third edition of ‘Fitness Bytes’ my fortnightly series featuring the shining stars of the health and fitness blogging community. We may make it look easy on our blogs and Instagram feeds but at the end of the day we’re only human…


Who are you & how would you describe your current lifestyle?

Hi, I’m Leisha, a 19 year old student studying sport and exercise science in Birmingham and living in Northampton. My current lifestyle is that of a student, studying, revising, going to the library, but most enjoyably going to the gym and spending time with friends. I have a part time job and hope to get a full time job for summer when university has closed for the summer.

What type of exercise are you currently doing?

Currently I am lifting weights and concentrating solely on strength training whilst I am trying to put on size. But I’m also a keen cross country runner and incorporate it into my training at different times of the year.

How many times a week?

I train 5 times a week with two rest days.

How long have you been doing it?

I have been running seriously since I was 16, so 3 years and have been strength training and lifting heavy properly for a year.

Being honest, have you been consistent?

I am incredibly dedicated and motivated so I have always been consistent with my training.

Are you getting the results you want – Yes or No?

I am now seeing the results I want which is putting on lean body mass (muscle).

How do you feel about your current level of fitness?

I love that I am getting stronger, however reducing my cardio and running routine has left me feeling less happy with my endurance capabilities. However, I know this is short term and when get back into my running routine the fitness will come back fairly quickly.

What are you looking to achieve? Why?

I am competing in a bikini fitness competition in September 2016, my aim is to feel confident and happy with the package I have brought to the stage and know that I have tried my hardest to be in the best condition possible. I love having a goal or target because it keeps me motivated and i’ve secretly always wanted to be on a stage of some sort and this seems like the perfect one for me.

When are you looking to reach your goal by?

September this year.

How important is it to you to achieve your goal(s)

What’s important to me is that I remain healthy and happy whilst striving to achieve my goals. Smashing your goals gives you great satisfaction, but as long as I have done my best I will be happy.

Finally … What would you say to inspire others?

Something I always say is “Don’t workout because you hate your body, workout because you love your body” I heard this somewhere once and it really stuck, I eat nourishing healthy food and exercise to keep my body in good condition because I love and respect my body and all the amazing things it can do (when you do anatomy and biology you find the body really is amazing).

I may not have met Leisha but absolutely adore her! Her mentality and attitude towards fitness and the body is so positive and outstanding, it’s something that really rubs off on you and I’m currently sat here after reading her interview with a huge smile on my face. I can’t wait to follow her progress in the run up to her competition later this year!


You can catch up with Leisha over on her blog, Leisha Mulvey and follow her progress on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook too! 

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