Fitness Bytes with Zoe Woodward

Over the past few weeks ‘Fitness Bytes’ has taken a little Summer vacation but it’s back where it belongs and will now be bringing you a monthly dose of reality with the shining stars of the health and fitness blogging community. We may make it look easy on our blogs and Instagram feeds, but we’re only human and here’s why.

This month I’m welcoming Fitness & Wellness blogger Zoe Woodward from Aloha and Coffee and finding out a little more about her lifestyle.

Who are you & how would you describe your current lifestyle? | I’m Zoe a fitness and wellness blogger mom of 4. My current lifestyle is hectic, school runs, yoga classes, blogging, I’m also doing my yoga teacher training – but I wouldn’t change it!

What type of exercise are you currently doing? | I do yoga daily and run once or twice a week, I do HIIT occasionally and sports with the kids, running, basketball, as long as it’s moving and it’s fun I do it.

How many times a week? | Everyday! If I don’t move in some in some way I get cabin fever. I practice yoga daily, anywhere from 30-90 minutes. I do alot of self practice but also do classes whenever I can.

How long have you been doing it? | I’ve been exercising since I could walk. I was a competitive swimmer in my teenage years and I’ve always ran and moved in some way. Since having my last baby I did alot of weight lifting and HIIT to get my body back in shape but now I prefer to use my body weight in yoga and HIIT.

Being honest, have you been consistent? | By consistent I’ve always moved in some way or another, so yes, I would say I’m consistent!

Are you getting the results you want – Yes or No? |Yes

How do you feel about your current level of fitness? | Amazing. I’m the fittest I’ve been for a long time 

What are you looking to achieve? Why? | Balance both physically and mentally. I don’t have any aesthetic goals. I judge my success on other things. That said I’m still working on perfecting my handstand and I will always be on a quest to improve my practice. 

When are you looking to reach your goal by? | I have no end date or goal date, it’s an ongoing journey.

How important is it to you to achieve your goal(s)? | It’s always important to set achievable goals and break them down into steps. I don’t set goals that are unachievable but I do believe you have to push yourself so make them challenging!!!

Finally … What would you say to inspire others? | Believe in yourself. You are capable of so much more than you think. I’m also a massive ambassador of balance and moderation. I don’t believe in diets or deprivation. A certain body weight doesn’t equal happiness. You are so much more than the number on a scale.

Zoe’s pursuit of physical and mental balance is one that we should all  partake in, instead of chasing numbers. Her love of Yoga and devotion to taking care of her body and mind is faultless and something that I too would love to be able to give more time to in the future.

You can catch up with Zoe over on Twitterand of course not forgetting over at Aloha and Coffee too. I hope that you enjoyed this edition of Fitness Bytes and don’t forget if you would like to be featured here too, just drop me an e-mail and say hi!

Are you an aspiring Yogi like me? Let me know below and I’ll catch up with you again soon, until then though x


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