At 19.51pm on October 1st 2014 I clicked ‘publish’ on my first ever post here on HarmonyBlaze, it was a relatively meaty post at 580 words and all about my favourite subject; me. Three years on and my little corner of the internet has changed so much but I still love just as much, if not more.

I feel as though I have come a long way (I now have Take That in my head, damned lyrics) since that first post, as has my blog and winning my first award this weekend proved that to me. For a long time I have felt as though I didn’t belong, like an impostor despite the love of the community and as though no-one would really notice if I slowly disappeared.

But now I truly know that people do like what I do, take that Moz & Google Analytics, I’m a real blogger too.

Photography by Just A Uniform

Back when I published my first post I had no idea about scheduling, I couldn’t tell you how I promoted it and I certainly didn’t think about search descriptions or keywords! I think it was almost a year before I started to wonder how many people actually read my rambles and started to pay a little more attention to my following so to speak.

Long gone are the days where my posts were accompanied by slightly unfocused pictures of candles because I didn’t dare (or want to) show my face online, where I chatted exclusively about products that I had tried out (mainly those that I had received in boxes of the Glossy or Birch varieties) and occasionally threw together a wish list or two (especially at Christmas, mainly as a huge hint).

But oh man maybe I should totally do those again?

Instead these days I fill my posts with my best/ or favourite images, I take time to edit and perfect them and I even allow myself to feature in them from time-to-time. In fact I actually quite like being in them, I find shooting them fun and oh so enjoyable.

This little corner of the so-called blogosphere has given me so much confidence over the years to be who I want to be, to push myself out of my comfort zone and most importantly to interact with people I don’t know and make new friends.

And that is the main thing I wanted to talk about, those people that I would never have met if I had never set up this site, the people that enable me to be more me and those that have kept me going through the hard times. 

I have an amazing bunch of guys and gals behind me who push me to keep achieving, who allow me to have those days off when I need them and who celebrate my accomplishments with me … some more so than many of my IRL friends.

Winning Best Fitness Blog at the #BloggersBlogAwards at the weekend meant the absolute world to me  but it is all thanks to those people that have my back and I really hope you all know who you are because I won that award for all you. 

Because without guys by my side, I’m nothing.

What have your pass times given you the confidence to do? Let me know below and I’ll catch up with you again soon, until then though x


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