Fuck Budget 2019

Emma is sat with her back to the cameral reflecting on her 2018 fuck budget, her feet are in a pool and the beach is on the horizon

If you’ve been hanging around this little corner of the blogosphere for a while now, you may remember my 2018 (fuck) budget. Inspired by the amazing Sarah Knight and her ‘Life Changing Magic of Not Giving a F*ck‘, my 2018 fuck budget was essentially a list of all of those things I wanted to care a little less (or more) about over the last 12-months.

Creating a fuck budget, for me, wasn’t the turning point I was hoping for in 2018. Instead I focused my attention on things that I thought would stand me in good stead to achieve some of my goals, but it didn’t and I learned a valuable lesson.

Always look after your fucks, because if you don’t you will exhaust your supplies of them.

Last year I wanted to give less fucks about numbers (followers, views etc.), about others (as in staying in my own lane), about material possessions, about my weight and about toxic people and give more fucks about engagement, about myself, about experiences and memories, about how I feel and about those that cheer my successes. At the time this seemed like the perfect budget, one that would allow me to focus on being the best me (the best girlfriend, daughter, friend, employee, freelancer, yada, yada, yada), but it didn’t and I think I know why.

Because my fucks were separated from my goals as opposed to going hand in hand with them.

So this year my fuck budget looks a little different and it already makes me smile!

Less Fucks are to be given about …

  • The dark-side of blogging – it’s not the numbers that I should give less fucks about, it’s the competition and the bitchyness. Being quite an analytical person, I love the numbers. But all the drama, the competition to be the tallest flower in the meadow? I’m over that and I just want to more me and less ‘plastic’ in 2019.
  • The drains – you may have heard me banging on about drains and radiators on my Instagram a bit lately, but that is because I have realised what toxic people essentially do to you and well I think the term drain suits them better! You know the type of people – the ones you have to pussyfoot around or that you purposefully avoid communicating with because you know full well that if you do, they will just drain the will to succeed / live from your very being. Unfortunately (unlike all the hipster bloggers will tell you) in real-life you can’t always just remove these people from your life without consequence and so learning how to give less fucks about them becomes a better way of dealing with them.
  • The need to impress – OH MY GOD THIS IS A BIG ONE! In 2019 I truly madly deeply (if you’re not singing I’m not sure we can be friends) want to give less fucks about needing to impress others. If I’m honest the only person in life who’s opinion really matters is Mr D’s. Yes I will talk and listen to what my friends have to say, but a lot of them have their own life agendas too so their opinions don’t always have as much value. I am sick to death of people saying ‘but you don’t need to’ when I say I want to improve my fitness this year – my goals are not 100% aesthetic and often it actually offends me when people assume I’m that vain.

More Fucks are to be given about …

  • My health – 2018 sucked big time when it came to my health. My IBS was worse than ever (but that is probably connected to the other things I want to give more fucks about in 2019), I wasn’t able to commit to the gym and well there was a whole host of other things that sucked too. In 2019 I am going to give more fucks about my physical and mental health – if I want to stay in in my PJs watching a film instead of going out for drinks when I really don’t want to I will, if I want to leave work on time instead of working over on that project so I can get to the gym I will and if I want to say no to that invite to an event because I need a little headspace I will.
  • My business – what business I hear you cry? And if I’m honest, 2-weeks ago I would have said the same. However, I have a really good (and relatively clear) vision for 2019 now and I am working rather hard behind the scenes on a rather exciting project for later in the year. If I want to build a business, which I do, then I need to give more fucks about it.
  • My life – ah life, the one that we all have and that the majority of us take for granted. I guess if I could only give fucks about one thing this year, then this would be it. I want to learn more, travel more and spend more time just sitting doing nothing too … I want the reason behind my late nights to be friends not work, I want my memories of the year to be full of adventures not my desk and for the computer screen to not be the last thing I see every day. So I will be spending more time AFK this year and more time living my life instead.

What’s in you fuck budget for this year? Let me know below and I’ll catch up with you again soon x