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Recently I got thinking about how much of my life I share with you guys either on here or on my Social Media channels and how much you all know about me. However, there is still a lot you don’t know about me and that’s what prompted tonight’s post. 

Recently I met the lovely Louise Railton at an event in Leeds and she has tagged me in ‘The Blogger Tag’ which should give you guys an opportunity to learn things about me you may not have otherwise learnt. So here it goes…

How tall are you? | I’m about 5ft 2 and a little bit (the little bit is obviously important). Nobody in my family is particularly short like me so I’m not sure how I ended up being. 

Do you have a hidden talent? | I used to be really flexible and be able to do silly things like walk on my knees and turn my feet 180 degrees, but I’m a little older and lazier these days to be doing anything like that!

What is your biggest (blog related) pet peeve? | There isn’t much that bothers me to be fair, but the worst is when someone starts an email with ‘Hi Harmony’ and then proceeds to tell me they love the site and my social feeds which all clearly indicate my name is Emma. Even my email address is!

What is your biggest (non blog related) pet peeve? | I have a long, long list! Ignorant people, arrogant people, intolerant people, impatient people… In fact all my peeves are people related, maybe I should move to Mars?

What’s your favourite song? | At the moment I am loving Re-arrange by Biffy Clyro and the whole Ellipsis album in general, some of the songs on there are really anthemic!

What is your favourite social media website? | Twitter is by far the one I use the most as I use the groups and tags to find new bloggers to follow and promote HarmonyBaze, I co-run the Fit Bunnies account and I use the DM feature to stay in touch with friends so it’s pretty much always open on my phone!

What is your favourite way to spend your free time when you’re alone? | Whenever I’m home alone I tend to end up reading or writing as it’s what relaxes me the most, other than that I don’t do much differently to when Paul is in as I’m always lighting candles anyway!

What is your favourite junk food? | You can’t beat a #minifistpump Curry from the local takeaway on a Friday night, especially now The Grand tour is on Amazon Prime!

Do you have a pet? | Paul and I love tropical fish and have some Emerald and Galaxy Rasboras along with a few little Cory’s and an Otto aptly named Otto.

What are your number one favourite fiction and non-fiction books? | Fiction would be the Shopaholic series of books because I feel like I have grown up with them and non-fiction would probably be #Girlboss because it is so motivating and inspiring to read.

I think I would be described as a cliche blogger at this point by a certain Sunday paper supplement.

What is your favourite beauty product or tool? | I think it would have to be my Clinique Chubby Stick Foundation because it is such a time saver in a morning and fantastic to throw in your handbag too.

When were you last embarrassed? | I honestly cannot remember, I don’t embarrass easily really.

If you could only drink one beverage (other than Water) for the rest of your life what would it be? | I pretty much live on Water as I’m not a huge fan of fizzy drinks or juices so I think I would have to pick a little treat to have every now and again so maybe a nice fine Port like Graham’s or Sandeman.

What’s your favourite movie? | I could watch The Green Mile over and over again, even if I do cry every time or more recently I though Suicide Squad was fantastic. I loved Margot Robbie’s portrayal of Harley Quinn.

What was your favourite lesson at school? | I honestly don’t think I had one, I didn’t enjoy school at all! I did enjoy doing my marketing modules at University though because I found the theory behind it so interesting.

If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be? | I would love to live in Europe somewhere or perhaps somewhere like Singapore where they really do try to protect and take care of our little planet a little more.

PC or Mac? | For me Mac wins every time, both Paul and I have iPhones and iPads so it makes more sense to have a Mac these days too.

Last romantic gesture you received? | I guess the one that stands out the most lately (and for me it is always the little things that do) is when Paul bought me some Coconut Macaroons whilst I wasn’t well last month and that just melted my heart a little bit. 

Favourite celebrity? | I think I would have to say Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson because lets face it, there isn’t many people out there cooler than The Rock!

Which blogger would you love to be best friends with? | The babe that is Hayley at Frock Me I’m Famous and the gorgeous Ellie from The Elle Next Door would be ideal besties for me I think because not only are they amazing what they do, gorgeous and talented they are also genuinely nice girls too!

Who is your biggest inspiration? | Paul, I constantly strive to make him proud and as long as I achieve that I’ll be happy. 

What is your favourite blog to read? | Any of the lovelies I subscribe to on Bloglovin’ aka there are far too many to mention and this post is long enough already!

What is your favourite high street shop? | Lately I would have to say New Look because they have had some brilliant pieces in this year.

Are in you in education or do you work? | I work full time in Sales selling hard landscaping products to commercial contractors across the UK. It isn’t glamorous but I enjoy it none the less.

One thing you are proud of? | Getting my degree. Many people didn’t expect me to go to college after school, never-mind University so I feel like I proved all the doubters wrong!

Wow what an epic post that has proved to be – this is where I should nominate a few bloggers to this themselves so here goes … Kellie aka BigFashionista, Amy aka TheWifeEditand Lauren aka BlondeVision, you’re up!

Let me know something about you below and I’ll catch up with you again soon, until then though x


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