Getting Motivated

Life getting on top of you already? Sometimes it can really feel like we have too many plates in air that we need to keep spinning around and occasionally when one comes toppling down, it can start to feel like everything is on the verge of crumpling. Trust me we’ve all been there and here are a few things I’ve learned…

…Getting and keeping yourself motivated to crack on with the job in hand can sometimes be one of the hardest things to do. Day-to-day we have many little jobs we need to be able to complete in order to feel satisfied, accomplished and pleased with ourselves. When we feel like we have a lot going on we tend to start feeling a little flustered, a little bit panicked and overwhelmed. We want to stay in bed until the last minute and make life harder on ourselves than it really needs to be. Here are a few things I can recommend trying to help keep yourself on the straight and narrow, on track and motivated.

PLAN AHEAD – Buy a diary and note down all of your important dates for the year ahead; birthdays, weddings, anniversaries and such, this will stop you from double booking yourself. Each week sit down and look at what is coming up the next week, set yourself a task in your phone to go buy any cards or presents that you need and plan out your schedule. Keep a note of what classes you like to do at the gym and when these are on and fit them in as and when you can too.

MAKE A TO-DO LIST – I do a few of these. I have a weekly planner that I picked up in Sainsburys for not very much that I note down various tasks on such as my blog schedule, meals out, trips away, gyms sessions etc. on and then I use these to create myself daily to-do lists in my diary. I try to keep my daily lists in the order that I will be able to cross them off (so trips to the shops etc. will be after work) and then I know exactly what I need to do and if I have time to do everything. If not I prioritise and put some non-urgent tasks down for another day instead. 

FIND YOUR MOTIVATION – Why do you want to workout? If it’s because you have an event or a holiday you can set yourself a deadline and break your goal into smaller, more manageable goals to make them less daunting. Pop a picture of the hotel you’re going to or the dress you want to wear in your diary as a bookmark so you see it daily and spur yurself on.

PREPARE, PREPARE, PREPARE – I am one of these people that get’s everything ready the night before so that in a morning I only have to think about getting up, dressed and out of the house. You can prepare by simply making a little extra at tea time to take to work for lunch, by packing your gym bag before bed or simply by just deciding on what to wear to free your mind up in the morning. Life is full of hacks, find them, use them and exploit them to your advantage.

FIND YOUR RHYTHM – Over time as you get more used to planning ahead and preparing you will start to alter how you do things (you might put your tea bag in the mug ready for the morning) to make your life easier. What works for me might not for you, but trying different ideas out will trigger your own and you will start to identify areas of your life you can save time and make it easier on yourself.

What are your life hacks? I hope you have enjoyed my little motivational post, let me know your thoughts below and I’ll catch up with you again soon. Until then though x

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