Goals & Aspirations 2019 : April Update

Taking a look at 2019 Goals & Aspirations and taking my mood motivationg from this neon breathe sign

This year is seriously flying by.

No seriously it is and it’s scary AF.

Today is April 1st and I’ve just realised that I never posted my Goals & Aspirations for 2019 post that I wrote back in December and if that doesn’t sum up my blogging style at the moment then I don’t think anything will. However, I keep having this internal monologue about how good the old blogging days were back when it was all ‘Friday Favourites’, monthly wishlist’s and reviews of the latest Mac lipsticks … I used to love sharing my hopes and dreams for the future when I first started blogging and looking back I only stopped because they were no longer in vogue.

Lately I have realised that keeping up with the latest blogging trends of unpopular opinions, shade throwing and haul fakery (I mock, I mock) isn’t the direction I want my blog to take, but good old fashioned update posts are.

So here goes nothing.

If you’re a #MySelfLoveStyle subscriber (and if not, make sure you sign up now for my better Monday guide) you will have already had an insight into some of the projects I am busy working on at the moment – the #MySelfLoveStyle podcast and my first e-course which will be all about mindfulness. Whilst I couldn’t be more excited to diversify my brand, the prospect does scare me a little too as both projects are really pushing me out of my comfort zone …

My goals & aspirations for the first quarter of the year were to re-launch after spending long periods of 2018 away from blogging, re-brand, migrate to WordPress from Blogger (which has offered me the creative freedom I craved in 2018) and to re-build my audience.

I’d like to think that all of the above have been fairly successful; I relaunched on January 1st with a post all about what 2018 taught me and whilst posts haven’t necessarily been flowing thick and fast, I am fairly happy with the turnaround in traffic and engagement as a result of being more present. Last year was challenging for me on all fronts – I spent long periods away from home, away from routine and discipline went out of the window as a result. Writing is one thing that really does spark joy for me, as does learning and helping others – all things that I felt I couldn’t do as my spare time was usually spent preparing for my next excursion away.

The only thing that I wanted to achieve for my blog / business in quarter one was to have a clear business plan, however, I am happy to work on this in early quarter two as well as I don’t think that this is something that can be rushed and that I need to get right first time.

However, moving to WordPress has opened up a whole new set of goals for me as I aim to tidy up my content, making it more searchable and shareable, by the middle of the year. As much as I love some of my old posts – they bring no value to the site as it is today, however, there are still a handful of posts from the OG HarmonyBlaze.co.uk that attract new readers in on a daily basis and these are the ones that I will be focusing on, improving their SEO and making the shareable on Pinterest too!

Now that I am starting to get back into the swing of things, I want to build upon the progress I made in Q1 when it came to my goals and aspirations and keep up the momentum by working with brands again, attending more events and of course launch my podcast series.

Let’s talk about the podcast first of all shall we. The #MySelfLoveStyle podcast is designed to help you focus, slow down, de-stress and the first series will be delivered in 12-weekly episodes, taking you through to Summer. Hopefully there will be a few surprises for you along the way too, however, I haven’t quite worked all of those out yet! Podcasts are something that I personally love listening to, I find that they can be integrated into my lifestyle much easier than YouTube (in fact I couldn’t tell you the last time I watched anything on YouTube if I’m honest) and I’m hoping I can share that passion with you all too and help you along the way.

One thing I’ve never been very good at is approaching brands to work with aka pitching.

I think a lot of this stems from approaching a company a few years ago who told me they only worked with ‘higher reaching’ bloggers and not to bother them again until I had had a significant increase in page views. Safe to say ‘Kate’ put me off pitching to brands and I’ve hardly approached anyone in the last few years about collaborating as I’m actually quite worried about what response I’d get. But I know that working with brands and attending more events would not only increase my confidence, it would also increase my circle, my network and my opportunities too and so over the next few months I’ll be working hard to get in touch with some of my dream brands.

Having read this post back, you could be forgiven for thinking that I have no personal goals that I am working towards at the moment as this is a very business focused post. But that couldn’t be further from the truth … however, I think for me 2019 is all about building for the future and my business is a big part of that.

And maybe I’ll share those personal goals & aspirations in another post.

What are you working towards at the moment? Let’s get the conversation flowing in the comments below!