Goals Revisited

Looking back over the first part of this year I actually cannot believe what I have achieved, what I have done and let’s be honest I cannot believe that it is June already! They say that time flies when you’re having fun and I really am. 

Back in January I set myself some goals (I have spelt that wrong so many times preparing this, I think I left my brain in the sun), not resolutions I must add, just good old fashioned goals. I wanted this year to be the year achieved something, that I did something for me that mattered and look after myself a little more.

Goal 1 – Grow Harmony Blaze & it’s Following | I want to start this post off by saying that since the start of the year I have become much less obsessed with the numbers, but that doesn’t mean I don’t dance around like Elliot from Scrubs when I make a little progress! I’ve put much more time and effort into spreading the word about this site so far this year and I’ve already hit some of my targets with others now seemingly much more achievable than a few months ago!

Goal 2 – Create More ‘Wanted’ Content | Well I guess this is one that only you guys can answer, I wanted to create more content that you wanted to see on here and so far I think I might me on track with this, especially as more and more of you are becoming regular faces.

Goal 3 – Attend More Events | Last year I only managed to get to one event and I didn’t get to meet any of you guys at it all. This year has been a totally different story, from cocktails at Epernay with the #LeedsBloggers to the #BigBloggerExpo in July, I’m starting put plenty of voices to the stories and making so many new friends.

Goal 4 – Be Fitter, Faster, Stronger | I feel in the best shape I have ever been in and I feel much more body confident than I have in recent years and I have definitely got much stronger both mentally & physically. I’m determined to keep pushing myself for the rest of the year and also to get back into running again. It’s something that I really used to enjoy and I hope that I can again.

Goal 5 – Take More Time Out | So far this year I have been away with family, something I have never done before, had a weekend break with the love of my life and have so much planned for the rest of the year. I am getting much better at taking time out, I’ve given myself a new curfew on a night and make more of an effort to switch off as often as possible. Although I will be the first to admit I could do better!

So there you have it, a little bit of a ‘nutshell’ bloglife update. I hope you will allow me this moment of reflection? I think it is really important to look back before you can look forward and I find being accountable to you guys makes me so much more determined too.

How have you guys been getting on this year so far? Let me know below and I will catch up with you again soon, until then though x

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