Gym Etiquette

Almost everyday in the gym I see something that annoys me or someone doing something that frustrates me. It’s not always their fault though, many things that frustrate me are the result of a lack of direction or education in the gym. Here are a few tips for any gym newbies out there…

TIP 1 – Most gyms will offer an induction as part of their membership so take advantage of them. These sessions are not just a way of covering off liability issues if you injure yourself whilst using the equipment in the gym or for the PTs to sell you their services but a great opportunity to for you to ask any questions and make sure you feel comfortable there. PT’s are not scary monsters and are there to help you, take advantage of the induction and if you have any questions before you go in, jot them down and make sure you cover them off.

TIP 2 – Make sure you invest in the correct kit. This isn’t about looking the part, this is about staying safe on the gym floor. A good pair of trainers will last and keep you safe and comfortable whilst working out and there are some great multi-function ones available out there and unless you intend to run a marathon you don’t need to get a pair of specialist ones. High Street stores such as New Look, H&M & Primark carry affordable, yet fashionable fitness ranges so make sure you take the time to pick up some appropriate gym attire before starting to workout, jeans and dresses have their place and it is not on the treadmill.

TIP 3 – Get in and get on. Don’t go in and take up space on a bench or a mat and just sit on your phone. I cannot tell you how frustrating it is to see this when you’re trying to get on with your workout and can’t because someone is lounging on a bench catching up on the latest Instagram posts on their feed. Go into the gym with a plan of what you need to do and get on with it, having a plan will make you more productive and help you to get more from your workout.

TIP 4 – Clean up after yourself, not only is it unfair and a little ignorant to expect others to clean up after you but you could potentially cause someone an injury my leaving the kit out that you have used. Pop your weights back on their holder and kettle-bells back on their shelves when you have finished with them and wipe down kit when you’re done. 

TIP 5 – Use a locker. Don’t risk losing valuables on the gym floor or injuring someone else by leaving your kit bag lying around. Gyms have lockers for a reason and that not just to make to place look pretty.

At the end of the day gym etiquette is pretty much just common sense, stay safe by checking up your gym’s rules and sticking to them. At the end of the day they are there to keep you safe so don’t abuse them.

What’s your gym bug-bear? Let me know below and I’ll catch up with you again soon, until then though x

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